How to Choose a Chest of Drawers

Neatly stores away clothing, bedding, and towels while adding to the room’s aesthetics. Before choosing your chest of drawers, assesses your possessions to see what you need to store away and decide where it’s going to fit in your bedroom plan.

What size do you need?

Ease of access to your chest of drawers is vital. You must be able to walk comfortably around it and fully open the drawers. Standard three-drawer chests generally measure 70 x 90 x 35 cm, while larger chests start at around 90 x 80 x 40 cm. If you want it to double up for nappy changing in a nursery, it will need to be wider still. Safety note: Anything used for changing diapers should have a safety rail.

Size and style

The most common style and size is a standard chest with an arrangement of three to four drawers. A larger style known as a Bachelor’s Chest features three to six small drawers on top of other larger drawers. Traditionally, a gentleman’s underwear and neckties were stored in these smaller drawers. Commode styles have short legs and no drawer handles. These work well in smaller bedrooms whereas, in a larger bedroom with high ceilings, an elegant seven-drawer chest makes the most of the space.

Form and function

Some chests have deeper drawers at the bottom and shallower ones at the top, while others have the same size throughout. You could also go for a design that mixes and matches drawers with open shelves for more flexible storage. Put decorative storage baskets or boxes on these. If you want to store bulky winter jumpers or bedding, choose a design with larger drawers while pants, socks, and tees take up less space. To make your chest of drawers ‘disappear’ in a small room, choose a color that matches or blends into your walls. Or, you could paint your chest of drawers in vibrant colors to make a decor statement.


How drawers operate is an important feature. Sliders let them glide in and out easily, while self-closing mechanisms ensure quiet closure. Very important in a nursery where a noisy drawer might wake the baby! Funky drawer handles add style to the design, while sleek handles or handle-free drawers are more contemporary. To unify your bedroom decor, have the same handles on every piece of furniture.


Most modern chests of drawers have frames made from lightweight and budget-friendly MDF. This can be painted to tone with existing furniture. More expensive pieces are made of wood, usually oak or pine. Leave the wood in its natural state, or paint it to match your bedroom. Metal chests of drawers are lightweight and easy to move while giving your bedroom a contemporary feel.

At Tylko sturdy chests of drawers are finished in an attractive range of colors. Choose free-standing designs or create a modular system to fit your bedroom. Whatever combination of size, drawers, and shelves you want, Tylko can create it for you.