Advantages Of Automated Gates

Powered/automatic gates are slowly becoming a preferred option for many homeowners today. A good number of homeowners are also looking to upgrade from the regular manual gates to powered ones, not just for convenience but for the added security and other perks these gates have to offer. Simply put, an automatic gate opens and closes at the touch of a button and can also be remotely controlled. One thus doesn’t have to step out of the car, giving them a sense of security, especially at night. 

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Automatic gates have proven beneficial for both business owners and homeowners. For starters, it provides unrivaled convenience and a sense of security too. There’s also a reduced risk of leaving your gate open or unlocked too. Automatic gates are programmed to auto-close and lock, a feature we cannot overlook. are specialists in automated gates. Outlined below are some of the advantages of automated gates and a reason you should consider upgrading.

1. Added Security

A gate helps boost security to the property by making it harder for intruders and burglars to get through. Although you might have invested in top-of-the-line monitoring CCTV, the lack of a proper gate makes it easier for intruders to access your property. With a high-automatic gate installed, the intruder would have first to find a way around the entrance (climbing over it, etc.) before they can access the compound. It thus acts as a physical obstacle, which is an excellent deterrence for opportunistic burglars. Coupled with CCTV and an electric fence, your home/property will be safer. 

Most automated gates today come with a monitoring system and an access control unit enabled. This enables home/owners to monitor activity around the entrance and grant/deny access to the premise at the click of a button. With programmed access security codes, you can be sure to change these codes when needed and ensure only authorized persons get the same. This feature also eliminates the need to carry keys with you all the time, as well as the chances of being locked out.

2. Ease of Access

Imagine having to step out of the car on a rainy/snowy/cold day to open the gate. Unlike traditional/standard gates, you can operate the gate with a simple touch of the button or, even better, with your phone. Some gates also have sensors that will automatically initiate the opening procedure as soon as your phone is close-by.   This also eliminates time spend trying to open the gate, which again lowers the chances of getting mugged at the gate. With remote controls in place, you never have to wake your loved ones to open the gate for you, or vice versa. Even without the remote control, anyone in the house can operate the gate remotely, allowing you in without leaving the house.

3. Durability

Most automatic gates are made of durable materials capable of withstanding all types of weather and other elements. Manufacturers are particularly keen when designing the gate to ensure every part works seamlessly. It is thus safe to say automated gates are designed to last for years, and can take a beating too. Their access control systems are also well-thought-out and installed to protect them from harsh weather elements and tampering. With most automated gates customizable, you have an option to have maglocks installed to ensure no one tries to force the gate open, even with their vehicles.

4. Aesthetics

Automatic gates come in many different designs, shapes, and types. You can also have it customized to suit your specific needs and preferences. The beauty of this is that you can opt to have the gate made of pure metal, or a mix of wooden panels, metal, and even glass. You can thus be assured to achieve whatever look or feel you wish, ranging from timeless, classic, traditional, or even modern styles and designs. Slide gates are one of the most popular and preferred automated gate designs today. The gate runs on wheels on a track that makes opening and closing relatively easy. Slide gates are commonly made of metal, wrought iron, or wood. 

Swing automatic gates are an excellent option too, especially if looking for something unique. The gates swing inwards to allow for east traffic in and out of the property. An electric gate operator, however, must be installed on the metal gates to allow for seamless opening and latching. The operator’s arm is powered and with an efficient control unit for synchronized operation.

5. Added Privacy

Automatic gates are considerably taller than regular gates. You can also have the gates designed to restrict the direct view of the property and driveway for optimal privacy. With the right fence, you can be assured of complete privacy, blocking outsiders from seeing the property. This particularly comes in handy when hosting important guests who need absolute privacy. Automated gates are thus the go-to option for anyone looking for confidentiality and privacy.

6. Boost Property Value 

Homes with an automatic gate are considerably more valuable compared to those that don’t. This is because automated gates make a home more desirable, reason potential homebuyers are more interested in owning one. According to research, these homes create the impression of a lower crime rate and are considered safer for kids and pets. You can be assured your kids or pets won’t wander away into the traffic simply because someone forgot to lock the gate. Installing an automatic gate can thus help your home sell faster, hence worth considering.

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