The Rising Popularity of Minimalist Decor

Over the past few years, a minimal lifestyle has become trendy and mainstream. From clothing and fashion to home decor and house architecture, minimalism is raging. Newstart Homes is adept at designing and building homes that are trendy and minimalist decore. Let’s look at the reasons why minimalism has become such a big deal. 

  • The Cluttering:

Every house with a nice family having kids is cluttered with thousands of things. It appears chaotic and stuffed. The cluttered appearance does not look modern, aesthetic, or sometimes even clean. People with a heightened sense of aesthetics and modernism are drawn toward minimalism because it gives a smooth and roomy appearance to the overall living space. 

Another reason is that studies have shown the more stuff we pen, the more stressed we are because the brain is always busy organizing at a subconscious level. So having the essential items arranged minimally is very appealing to many people because it removes the background noise. 

  • Environment-Friendly Choice:

We all know that earth is in crisis with global warming, forest fires, extinction of species, and depletion of natural resources.  So, human beings are trying to preserve what is left by living simply and sustainably. Minimalism helps in reducing the carbon footprint by decreasing the stuff we buy and waste.

  • Experiences Over Things:

Once-in-a-lifetime experience and expensive decor, both require capital. While history was full of people accumulating material goods, the times are changing. Modern man attaches more meaning to spending his capital on gaining memorable experiences than to physical objects. The younger generations are moving towards a phase of “less is more” and “experience leads to values”. Hence, minimalism is becoming more and more mainstream. 

  • Role of Marie Condo:

Marie Condo played a central role in bringing about the minimalist mindset. Her book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” inspired a movement of organizing and decluttering. Her idea of tidying up refers to “if something does not bring joy, it is time to let it go”. Thanks to her ideology, decluttering has become a central theme of the younger generation. 

  • Financial Control:

Minimalism, among other things, brings financial security. The less you have, the less capital is required to maintain that. It can lead to more cash per month which can go to savings and help in gaining experiences that matter. 

A minimalist lifestyle makes you focus on truly important things. It helps you in making smarter decisions for your money. For example, instead of buying new outfits on every occasion, you can invest in quality materials that will be with you for years. 

  • Aesthetics:

Aesthetics is an evolving area of life. A decade ago, everything was about sharp, bright colors and stuffed patterns. Nowadays people prefer clean designs with few elements at a time. Minimalist design is more aesthetically pleasing and calming for nerves than stuffed patterns of decor. Minimalist design is timeless. An item of furniture with a bright busy pattern will only work a few years and go out of fashion but sleek grey sofas will always stay in!