Top Things Before Moving to Brisbane

Moving to Brisbane is highly attractive for both local and international individuals, drawn to its sunny weather, abundant opportunities, and laid-back lifestyle. The city’s appeal as the ‘River City’ is unmistakable, making it a popular destination for those seeking a new and vibrant living experience.

Boasting a cosmopolitan atmosphere, a family-friendly way of life, and consistently pleasant weather, Brisbane is home to over 2.5 million residents. Positioned on both banks of the Brisbane River, the city stands as a significant business hub in Australia. Notably, Brisbane is set to host the 2032 Olympics, promising a plethora of job prospects and an enriched lifestyle. The city’s unique blend of opportunities, coupled with its vibrant cultural scene, makes it an enticing destination for those seeking a change of scenery and a thriving community to call home. Before relocating to Brisbane, it’s essential to be aware of some key factors.

Mild winters

Brisbane, with its sub-tropical climate, renders winter a non-event, where a simple sweater or “jumper” suffices. However, the city’s summer unfolds as an entirely different affair. Characterized by sweltering heat and humidity, surviving a Brisbane summer necessitates strategic planning. Optimal relief can often be found in the proximity of a pool or beach. To shield yourself from the intense Queensland sun, adopting a sun-smart wardrobe is imperative. Slather on generous amounts of sunscreen, don a long-sleeved shirt, embrace a wide-brimmed hat, and adorn yourself with sunglasses. These precautions are not just fashion statements; they are essential defenses against the relentless Australian summer. Embracing this sartorial wisdom ensures that you not only look the part but also stay comfortably cool while navigating the spirited and sun-drenched streets of Brisbane.

Job market

Regardless of your chosen residence, your employment prospects should be a primary consideration. As the fastest-growing capital city in the nation, Brisbane offers a thriving job market, providing a reassuring backdrop for career endeavors. The current labor shortage further simplifies the job search process, making opportunities in Brisbane more accessible than before. This city stands as a beacon of growth and employment possibilities. 

Over half of Brisbane’s jobs span diverse sectors, including education, construction, government, health, and retail. Additionally, there is a burgeoning demand for professionals in business services, finance, manufacturing, and transportation. Navigating the job market in Brisbane not only opens doors to various industries but also positions you in a dynamic and evolving economic landscape. Whether you are seeking stability in traditional sectors or exploring opportunities in emerging fields, Brisbane’s job market caters to a spectrum of career aspirations.

Cost of Living

Assessing the cost of living in Brisbane in contrast to your current locale is crucial for effective financial planning. While generally more budget-friendly than certain other Australian cities, comprehending the nuances of housing, transportation, and daily expenses is paramount to crafting a sound budget. Brisbane offers a relative affordability, yet it’s imperative to delve into the specifics of accommodation costs, considering both rent and property prices. Transportation expenses, including public transit or potential vehicle ownership, add another layer to the financial landscape. Everyday costs such as groceries, utilities, and leisure activities should also be factored in. By meticulously examining these components, you can gain a holistic understanding of the financial dynamics in Brisbane, enabling you to make informed decisions and ensure your budget aligns with the city’s unique economic environment.

The culture

Brisbane stands as a cultural haven, enriched by a captivating history in the arts, music, and sports. The city’s cultural tapestry is adorned with gems such as one of the nation’s premier art galleries, a vibrant calendar of annual events, and the esteemed Queensland Performing Arts Centre, collectively painting a vivid picture of Brisbane’s cultural vibrancy.

The sporting culture in Brisbane is experiencing rapid growth, fueled in part by the heightened anticipation surrounding the city’s preparations to host the 2032 Olympics. This forthcoming global event will complement the already renowned sporting arenas, including the iconic Suncorp Stadium, the historic Brisbane Cricket Grounds (affectionately known as the “Gabba”), and the state-of-the-art Queensland Sport and Athletics Centre. Brisbane’s cultural and sporting landscapes converge, creating a dynamic and thriving atmosphere that promises both residents and visitors an enriching experience.

Social Networks and Community

Establishing a social network is paramount when embarking on a journey to a new city. Actively engage in local events, immerse yourself in community clubs, and leverage social media platforms to forge connections with fellow residents, fostering the creation of a supportive and enriching community.

Attending local events provides opportunities to meet like-minded individuals and become acquainted with the city’s cultural fabric. Joining clubs aligned with your interests not only introduces you to potential friends but also allows you to participate in shared activities, facilitating meaningful connections. Harness the power of social media platforms to bridge geographical gaps, reaching out to both newcomers and established residents.


Transportation has been a central priority for the Brisbane City Council, reflecting a commitment to facilitating safe and efficient travel for residents in and around the city. Demonstrating a formidable dedication to enhancing infrastructure, the Council has allocated an impressive sum, exceeding $7 billion, towards the implementation of their TransApex plan. This substantial investment stands as the largest ever made by any council in the country specifically directed towards road development.

The concerted efforts of the Brisbane City Council have yielded tangible results, making city roads more navigable and user-friendly for motorists. This comprehensive approach to transportation planning underscores the city’s commitment to fostering a well-connected and accessible urban environment. 

Is it a good time to move to Brisbane?

Undoubtedly, Brisbane stands as an exquisite locale, offering an ideal living experience, whether you aspire to reside, work, or indulge in recreational activities within the city or its neighboring suburbs.

Against the backdrop of Brisbane’s burgeoning property market, now presents an opportune moment to embrace life in the Sunshine State’s thriving metropolis. As the fastest-growing city in the nation, Brisbane is a dynamic hub teeming with innovation, abundant opportunities, and untapped potential.

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In conclusion, Brisbane, with its mild winters, thriving job market, and vibrant culture, stands as an attractive destination. The city’s affordable living, robust transportation, and strategic growth make it an opportune time to move. As Brisbane prepares to host the 2032 Olympics, its global prominence is set to soar. Amidst a flourishing property market, Grant and Christina at Penrose Real Estate offer over 60 years of local expertise to guide your move. For a seamless relocation experience, consider the assistance of Professional Movers, ensuring a stress-free transition to your new life in this dynamic and inviting metropolis. Choose Brisbane – a strategic decision unlocking a world of possibilities.