Toronto Day Trip: Three Best Things To Do

A dynamic metropolis home to nearly three million people, Toronto offers much to do and explore. While several days in the city will give you plenty of time to eat, drink, and play at its many attractions, a tight itinerary can still provide plenty of variety in a single day.

1. Take a candle-making workshop in Toronto

Toronto is home to some of the best bespoke candle makers in the world, and a workshop is the perfect way to get some hands-on experience. You’ll learn all the basics – from choosing waxes and fragrances to instructions on making your own scented candles at home.

Plus, when you sign up for a candle making class, you also get a bunch of extra perks like complimentary wax painting lessons, handmade freebies, and access to expert advice for perfecting your craft.

The best part about taking a candle-making workshop in Toronto is that it’s only about two hours long, with most classes in the late afternoon. So, whether it’s the only activity you have time for or how you cap off a full day of exploring the city, it’s a great option that will leave you with a unique souvenir.

2. Check out the Liberty Village Farmers Market.

The Liberty Village Farmers Market is a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon in Toronto if you’re there between June and November. The market features some of the city’s finest farmers and artisans, selling fresh produce, artisanal foods, handmade jewelry, and unique crafts.

What makes this such a great part of a day trip itinerary is the ample amount of things to do in Liberty Village when you’ve gorged yourself on Farmer’s Market delicacies. From exploring the nearby boardwalk and marina to shopping in some of the city’s best boutiques, you can easily spend a few hours wandering around this vibrant neighborhood, soaking up its energetic vibes.

3. See a Toronto FC Game.

BMO Field, home of Toronto FC, is located just outside Liberty Village, and game days draw huge crowds from all over the city. You can easily spend a few hours prepping for the game at one of the many nearby pubs or restaurants while you wait for kick-off. Once the game starts, you can expect an energetic atmosphere full of chants and cheers from locals and tourists alike.

It’s an experience to be part of such a passionate crowd while seeing some of Canada’s best soccer players in action. Plus, it’s often easy to score tickets for a post-game concert or other event after the match ends, making it the perfect way to end an exciting day in Toronto.

The Perfect One-Day Toronto Itinerary

Whether you sign up for a candle class, explore artisanal farmer’s market delicacies, or get into the spirit of a Toronto FC game, there’s no shortage of things to keep you busy on a day trip in Toronto. And with one of North America’s best public transportation systems, you’ll have no problem zipping around to any activity you choose.