Renovating Your Bathroom

Now that you intend to make changes in your bathroom you might want to consider your options when it comes to bathroom countertops Egg Harbor Township NJ. You want something that will look good in your bathroom however you have designed it. Here is a look at some of the common bathroom styles or themes people choose and what to think about with a countertop.

Contemporary or modern

In a modern bathroom, you will want to create clean and crisp lines with solid colors and a sleek effect. Your bathroom countertop in such a setting should also be the same so consider something like stainless steel, a natural stone like granite or marble or even glass would work though care should be taken with this material. Keep everything in its place and avoid clutter.


This kind of bathroom is warm, and cozy even using pastels and earth colors. Try to have vintage fixtures, an old clawfoot bathtub, even floral shower curtains. Consider the same colors and tones for the curtains or shades, have a basket to hold towels or soaps and such. With bathroom countertops Brick Township NJ you want something like hardwood but in a bathroom it is vital it is treated so that the damp does not warp or damage it. Glass would also work.


Either a beach theme or a nautical theme is popular in bathrooms. Blues, whites and greys, with splashes of color to mimic coral. Add some shells to bring it all to life. In such a bathroom you might consider a natural stone.


If you want something glamorous in your life how about your bathroom! Use marble, porcelain or granite for the countertops, it is very elegant and beautiful. Add some gold plated or brass fixtures, get heated flooring, and add some gilded accessories to finish the look.

Tips when looking at materials for bathroom countertops

  • Marble is a highly attractive option, it screams luxury and sophistication and makes a big impact. But as bathroom granite countertops Toms River it is important that it is sealed and care is taken as it is porous which is not good in a damp room, it can scratch and stain too.
  • Stainless steel is becoming a popular option as it looks stylish and modern and works well if creating something industrial or modern. It does need care to keep it shiny.
  • Granite has the kind of impact you might be looking for and is very durable. It is more expensive than some options and does have a seal that needs replacing now and then. It is then resistant to everything!
  • Wood is a warmer choice for the room and makes it more inviting but in a bathroom, there is a risk of damage so be really sure it is protected.
  • Ceramic tiles are a lovely option and they come in a range of patterns and colors to suit any style. They are also durable, easy to clean and should one crack or get damaged it is possible to replace just that tile.
  • Glass is great because it is such an attractive but neutral option. When considering glass bathroom countertops Brick Township NJ keep in mind it needs to be cleaned and shined to look great and is fragile. It could break and get scratched so is not a good option for a high-traffic bathroom with children for example.


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