3 Ways to Prevent Drafty Windows in the Winter

As we move deeper into winter, the temperature also begins to plunge well below zero. January and February are often the coldest and darkest months of the year, so having a highly-insulated house is crucial to staying warm and comfortable. Have you noticed any gusts of cold air passing through your home? Do you feel that no matter how high you turn the heat up, it’s never warm enough anywhere in the house? You may have drafty windows. That means that there are leaks and holes in your home’s windows, letting warm air out and cold air in — creating icy drafts.

If you think that air is escaping from your windows, you must fix the issue right away. Not only will you feel cold and uncomfortable, but having such a problem will also significantly increase your energy bill. Check out these three simple ways to trap that warm air inside and leave the cold, icy outdoor air to old man winter.

1. Reassess the Caulking

Caulking is the white sealant you apply to window frames to help prevent air and other nuisances (such as water or insects) from entering your home. Over time, caulking can deteriorate or disintegrate from a poor installation job or severe weather. Damaged caulking will appear cracked or peeled off, and further to drafts, you’ll notice damp window frames and loose panes. If you have experience working with the stuff, consider reapplying caulking on your windows on an upcoming mild day. Alternatively, hire a professional handy-person to do the job for you.

2. Invest in Heavy Curtains and Shades

Add an extra layer between the window and the inside of your home with thick curtains or shades. Covering windows will block the air from reaching the house’s interior, keeping you warm and toasty all winter long. Look for heavy woven materials, such as velvet, tweed, or suede. Such fabrics become barriers between your home and the outside. You can find draft blocking shades at most home and specialty blind stores.

3. Replace Your Windows

Sometimes the best solution is to start from scratch. You may have had a poor window installation, or your windows might be on the older side. You’ve assessed the caulking and sealing, and neither are up to standard. The windowpanes rattle, and even with expensive curtains or shades, it’s always cold inside. It’s time to replace the windows entirely. If you’re looking for new windows in Mississauga and the surrounding area, work with a company that offers advanced weather stripping with their products. Weather stripping provides a secure seal that helps to reduce cold air from entering your house. 

You’ll also want to consider energy efficiency. Energy-efficient products have high-quality, protective features embedded within the glass that shields your home from the outdoor air. Get rid of those chilly gusts of air for good with new windows. While it might take a little longer to fix than you may have thought, replacing old windows with brand new ones will turn your home into an instant cozy paradise.

There’s nothing worse than feeling cold at home during the winter. By repairing or replacing your windows now, you can enjoy the rest of the winter comfortably and warmly.