5 Simple Carpet Cleaning Tips for Homeowners

On average, your carpet should last around 10 years. But there are certain things that can wear it out quicker, like lots of foot traffic and/or stains.

Of course, there are things you can do to ensure that your carpet not only lasts longer, but also looks pristine.

Wondering what those things are? Here are 5 carpet cleaning tips you should keep in mind!

1. Vacuum Often

In general, you should be vacuuming high-traffic areas at least twice a week. For all other carpet, vacuum once a week.

Make sure to go over your carpet slowly to get maximum cleaning done.

And set the vacuum at the right height. If you set it too low, this might actually damage your carpet. But if you set it too high, then your vacuum will barely pick up anything.

To vacuum your carpet effectively, start by preparing the area—clear away small objects and debris that might obstruct the process, and adjust the vacuum’s height setting if you have a high-pile carpet. Ensure your vacuum cleaner has a clean filter or bag, as a clogged one can reduce suction power.  

When you begin vacuuming, do it slowly, moving the cleaner forward and backward in slightly overlapping passes to thoroughly cover the entire area. Pay extra attention to high-traffic spots where dirt tends to accumulate. Remember to clean along the edges and corners using the vacuum’s attachments or a crevice tool. Occasionally, change your vacuuming direction to dislodge dirt from different angles.  

If you’re looking for a reliable vacuum, shop Tineco vacuums online or at physical appliance stores, where you can find a variety of high-quality options to choose from. Decide between bagged or bagless options, factoring in maintenance needs, and prioritize advanced filtration like HEPA for allergy concerns.  

Ensure the vacuum’s suction power aligns with your cleaning requirements and assess the included attachments and accessories. Keep weight, maneuverability, and corded/cordless options in mind, and be mindful of noise levels. Look for reputable brands and models within your budget while considering maintenance and parts availability. 

Below are the simple carpet cleaning tips you can apply in your living space.

2. Clean up Stains Immediately

As soon as you spill something (or your pet has an accident), clean it up pronto. The longer you wait, the more the stain will set, which means you’ll have to use more elbow grease to get it out.

Some great home items to use for cleaning include club soda, vinegar, baking soda, and hydrogen peroxide. You can also use diluted ammonia or bleach. No matter what you use for cleaning carpets, make sure you spot test first to ensure it doesn’t damage your carpet further.

3. Blot, Don’t Rub

When something spills and/or stains your carpet, your first instinct might be to grab a cloth and rub at the problem area to try and remove carpet stains. But that actually does more harm than good!

Instead, take a deep breath and take it slow. Blot from the outside toward the inside of the stain. This can help contain and soak the stain so it doesn’t become worse.

4. Deep Clean Occasionally

There’s dirt and debris that’ll get stuck deep inside your carpet, even if you vacuum regularly. Over time, this can cause your carpet to have a dull and dirty color.

Deep clean your carpet occasionally with a steam cleaner to reach these tough spots. You’d be surprised at how much newer your carpet looks afterward!

5. Get the Pros In

When it comes to carpet cleaning, no one can do it better than the pros. Not only do they have the right knowledge and skills, but they also have equipment that’s much more powerful than yours.

So every once in a while, get the pros in to give your carpet a good clean. This is in addition to occasionally deep cleaning your carpet. By doing this and following our above Carpet cleaning service in Baltimore, you’ll be able to keep your carpet looking like new for years to come.

Use These Carpet Cleaning Tips for a Cleaner Home

Now you have some great carpet cleaning tips you can use in your own home. They’re much cheaper to implement than replacing your entire carpet, so put our advice to use to prolong the life of your beautiful carpet!

For more house cleaning tips, please check the rest of our blog now.