Can Buying or Selling a House be made Faster?

You’d be hard-pressed to find any homeowner, house hunter, or house seller who thinks the process of buying or selling property is easy, streamlined, and fast. It’s a cumbersome process by design, with a whole heap of checks for financial responsibility, building integrity, and other small aspects being required and very likely to ramp up your bill significantly.

It’s a rigid experience, and one that punishes time taken or delays – even if those delays aren’t the fault of the customers – so it’s great to find little hacks that can make the process faster. If you’re selling or buying, some simple steps can help you get moving in the property market at a more tolerable pace.

Fast and accurate soft check and mortgage decisions

There’s something to be said for ready and willing buyers who can get their affairs in order before hunting for houses. Most of the time, they have a more easygoing experience in the housing market. One way that you can follow suit is to make the most of Trussle, which is a site that provides mortgage advice and prides itself on being fast and accurate in the key steps of housing loans.

Not only does the platform get your mortgage approved in five days, thanks to their Speed Promise, but they can help even earlier with a mortgage in principle (MIP). It checks your eligibility against 18 lenders, does a soft check so that your credit score stays protected, and you can then show the MIP as a clear outline of what you can borrow.

Become a seller before a buyer

Home Buyer

So many would-be buyers get stuck in a chain because they can’t shift their own homes. Not only does this make the moving process frustrating, but it can also make you sell your property for less than you should just to get things moving. Buyers are happy to wait you out if they can, so it’s almost always best to sell, get everything on that side sorted, and then kick on with buying.

Doing this considerably speeds up the process when compared to trying to buy and sell at the same time. To help quicken this side of the process, be sure to not skimp on your listing’s visuals and consider using the photo tips from Expert Photography. You should also be very open with any issues that you have with the property, otherwise, late finds could derail everything.

Embrace the best online viewing methods

Photo Tips

The issue with online listings is that images often don’t tell the whole story, and many just sound too salesy to be trusted. Still, those that catch the eye can then end up with people coming to view who then feel deceived or don’t like the reality of the property. While only considering comprehensive listings and making honest listings of your own will help to cull the number of viewers who will waste your time, the best solution right now is some new tech.

By using, both as a seller and a buyer, 3D VR-enabled property tours, such as those offered by 360 Walk Thru Property, you can get an immersive, interactive, realistic experience of what it’s like in the house. As a buyer, you should always make the most of these increasingly popular viewing tools when you can, and as a seller, setting one up will greatly help you to save time as those who come to view will already have a very good idea of what to expect, being mostly sold already.

Buying and selling a house is a long-winded process, but hopefully, the tips above will help to make your process a bit more efficient.

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