5 Things to Consider When Looking for a Luxury Bungalow

When you know what you are looking for as you search for a luxury bungalow for sale in Kolkata it makes the process a lot easier. It does help to be willing to compromise on some things, but knowing a few things that are a must helps narrow the search pool. Here are some things to consider as you work on finding a bungalow to move to.

Five considerations to help 

  1. Only search within the budget you can manage – It is so hard when you are seeing beautiful properties to resist such things, but everyone has a budget and even when you are in the market for a luxury bungalow in Kolkata you still need to only spend what you can afford. Too many times people buy a property thinking that can manage but it is too much for them, and they end up having to refinance so they have a longer mortgage or they lose it. As a general guide for buyers, it is a good idea to stick to a property where the mortgage expense each month is not more than 25% of the income you earn each month.  
  2. Do you need to be close to anything or anyone – Think about who you want to be close to and what you need to be close to. A place of worship, parks, schools, parents, gym, market and so on.    
  3. What kind of neighbourhood do you want to live in – Another consideration is where the property is. No matter how perfect the house is, if it is in a place with high crime rates, bad schools, a lack of amenities and such then it is not going to be somewhere you are happy. When it comes to schools, it is not just how children perform academically there are other things to consider, grounds, whether it is focused on certain strengths such as sports or arts or academics, whether there are issues of bullying, a high turnover of teachers and such.   
  4. Make sure the basic structure is sound – Again there is no point in choosing a luxury bungalow for sale in Kolkata because it has an attractive kitchen or modern bathroom and then finding there are some real issues with the structure. A cracked foundation, floors that are sagging, and ceilings that leak are issues that can lead to a lot of expensive problems later on. Either factor in those repairs in the offer you make or find a home with a better foundation.    
  5. Have certain places and systems inspected – Another thing to look at as well as the foundation and structure are three key areas, the plumbing, the roof and the electrical system. Do the lights turn on and off, is there any sign of burning, around switches or plugs, do all the taps work and all the toilets flush? As well as doing a walk-through yourself, before you put in an offer on a luxury bungalow in Kolkata have it inspected by an expert so you know what you are really buying.


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