8 reasons why you should build a pizza oven in garden

Would you like to build a pizza oven in your garden, but you still hesitate? We’re 100% sure that you should do it for yourself. We will prove to you that you shouldn’t hesitate any more. There are so many reasons why you should try to build your own oven! We’ll try to explain it in eight points. Get to know them all. Enjoy reading

What is a pizza oven?

First of all, we have to explain what a pizza oven is. We’re assuming that most people have this knowledge, but we’ll define a wood fired pizza oven just in case. It’s a round oven designed to make pizza (and different things too). It was created many years ago, so it was used by our grandmothers. You can choose between a built-in pizza oven or a freestanding portable pizza oven. In order to power it, you have to use wood, gas or charcoal.

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10 reasons to build wood fired pizza oven in your garden

Let’s have a look at a handful of reasons why it is a good idea to build your own pizza oven.

1. Thanks to a wood fired oven, you will be able to cook perfect pizza yourself

Homemade pizzas — it sounds delicious, doesn’t it? Imagine cooking pizza in your own pizza oven in your own garden! It sounds the best in the world. Because, seriously, who doesn’t like pizza? This is one of the best dishes ever created. This is a common opinion held by children, teenagers, adults, and even elderly people. Pizza connects people. Pizza connects generations!

2. That’s not all — you will be able to prepare much more than pizza!

You probably became hungry after reading about pizzas, but this is not the end of our suggestions. We cannot fail to mention that the pizza oven enables us to prepare many more meals. What about different types of meat (pulled pork, steak, roast chicken and turkey) and fish (barbecued sardines, cedar plank salmon)?

There are many options for vegans and vegetarians too — try preparing corn on the cob, garlic bread, jacket potatoes, roasted vegetables… You are free to prepare something sweet such as cinnamon rolls! As you can see, an outdoor pizza oven is a real life changer!

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3. No other food tastes and smells as good as food from a pizza oven

Nothing compares with the taste and the smell of meals taken right from the oven. Pizza dough always has a crisp, tender and pleasantly warm base. There is a beautiful pizza smell in the air. The same applies to different dishes mentioned above. This is something you don’t forget. You will have an appetite for more!

4. Meals will retain their nutritional value

Foods that you put into pizza ovens don’t lose valuable nutritional value. It’s because of the good quality wood. Actually, after deciding to build a pizza oven in your garden, you will probably want to use the best possible hardwood. The best choices would be maple, ash, oak, birch, beech and walnut. You see? An additional advantage of having your own pizza oven is that you become an expert on wood! 🙂

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5. You win more time for different things!

Preparing dishes is very simple, fast and fun. FAST is a key word here. Cooking in portable pizza ovens never takes long. You won’t find another way to cook or bake things quicker than in outdoor ovens. This is such an efficient solution! Old-fashioned ovens are passé.

Can you imagine how high the temperature of 700ºC is? Wood fired pizza ovens can quickly heat up to such high temperatures. You won’t need to heat it up to 700 degrees Celsius in order to bake pizza — 400 would be okay. Thanks to that “incredible speed”, pizzas and other meals can be ready faster than you can say “portable pizza oven”.

6. There are lots and lots of opportunities to meet with friends and family

If you’re looking for an excuse to meet with your loved ones more often — congratulations! Nobody will refuse to come to the party full of freshly baked bread, pizza, grilled vegetables etc. It doesn’t even have to be a big “party”. It can be a small meeting held in an intimate, closed circle. It depends on what you prefer! You can organise a pizza party, a film night and some family celebrations. Your family and friends will love it!

7. YOU are the one who decides

If you’re a person who likes to feel in control of things, build yourself an outdoor oven — you’d like it. It’s true that you can go to a restaurant and order something. You can choose the pizza type you like. You can choose the ingredients that you like. But with your own pizza oven in your own back garden, it will be a totally new dimension of enjoyment.

You can be 100% sure that your ingredients are fresh. Also, it is you who decides when to put something in the oven, and whether to bake your delicious pizza with double cheese. And you are the one who chooses the time for eating.

8. Building outdoor pizza ovens is more than easy!

Buying a pizza oven is possible, but why not try to build one yourself? It’s a piece of cake! You should start with buying the right materials. Without them, you won’t be able to do anything. Laying the concrete foundation is the second step. When it comes to step number three, it’s all about laying the bricks.

Step number four is for making the arch. Later it’s time to construct the dome. Last but not least, you have to add the door and finally, we got to the end — insulating. You have to admit that was really fast! You should have no problem performing those tasks. And even if you find something difficult, just ask somebody for help. Believe that it’s a game worth playing! The best outdoor pizza ovens are the ones that we “put our hearts and souls into”.

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We really hope that we brought a smile to your face thanks to that article. We also hope that you will choose to build yourself a pizza stone in which you will cook whatever you like: pizza, vegetables and much more. There are plenty of reasons to do it! An unforgettable taste and smell of dishes, more time to spend doing pleasurable things, more occasions to meet with the closest people. Try and see for yourself! 🙂