10 Inspiring Makeover Ideas for Large Modern Bedroom in 2022

The bedroom is one of the most important rooms of your home, and it is also where you spend a lot of your time, especially at night. Your bedroom is not just a place to sleep but also a place where you relax and unwind after a long day’s work. Therefore, you must ensure that your bedroom looks good enough to have the perfect rest every night.

During the pandemic, most people stayed at home. However, it made them realize the need to transform their living and bedrooms. According to research, 55% of Americans completed a home makeover in 2020, while nearly 71% were planning a makeover in 2021 and beyond.

If you’re looking to transform your bedroom and make the most of your space, some inspiring modern-day makeover ideas can help you out. A large bedroom is a great place to live in, but it can also be hard to decorate. You mustn’t try too hard with this kind of room because it will look cluttered if you do.

Take a look at these ten modern-day large bedroom makeover ideas and see how they could work in your own home:

Grey and White Wall Accents

Grey walls are a great way to add a modern touch to a large bedroom. However, you can also use white walls in your bedroom if you want the room to feel more relaxing and serene. To bring these two colors together, try using accents such as taupe, cream, and shades of gray on furniture pieces or artwork that will be placed on the walls.

Leather Is a Style Statement

There are many ways you can incorporate leather into your bedroom and have it add texture to your space. It is also easy to maintain. You can wipe it clean with a damp cloth, which makes cleaning easier and faster than most fabrics. In addition, leather is durable and can withstand abuse such as scratches, stains, and water damage.

Consider adding some throw pillows or curtains made out of leather material. Furniture with leather upholstery is also a great option for your large bedroom makeover project. Leather furniture is always a good choice, especially if you want to add warmth and luxury to your large bedroom. If you decide to go with the furniture as part of this project, choose pieces that aren’t too big or bulky since they can make the room feel smaller. For example, a leather chair or a sofa will make your bedroom look luxurious and elegant.

Metallic Accents

Metallic accents are a great way to add glamour and luxury to any room. They’re perfect for a large bedroom makeover. You can use them on the walls, furniture, and even artwork to give your room an extra interest.

If you want something subtle, use metallic paint on your walls. It’s an easy way to add some shine without going overboard. You may also try using metallic wallpaper instead of paint for something more eye-catching and luxurious.

Large Patterned Wallpaper

If you want to add color to your large bedroom while transforming it, patterned wallpaper is the way to go. You can use patterned wallpapers on the walls and ceilings of a room and around the perimeter. Some variations of patterned wallpaper include stripes and chevron patterns.

The best way to use patterned wallpaper is by applying it in a monochromatic color scheme. It allows you to use different patterns and colors in one room without looking too busy.

Crystal Chandelier Lighting

Crystal chandeliers are an excellent way to add elegance and light to a bedroom. While they’re not always the most practical choice, they can be used in any home style, from modern to traditional, rustic to minimalist. As a result, chandelier lighting is loved worldwide. According to a report, this segment has generated a revenue of over $36 billion in 2022.

In a large bedroom makeover project, you can choose a beautiful crystal chandelier that hangs above your bed. You can place it right next to an oversized window with plenty of natural light coming through during the day. To balance out the brightness from the outside, add several soft lighting fixtures throughout the room.

Add Curtains

Another way to change up the look of your bedroom is with curtains. Whether you want to add privacy and style or create a relaxing environment by blocking out light and noise, curtains can do it all. They’re also easy to care for. For example, washing once a month is enough for dark shade curtains to maintain them. Also, if you have children or a pet that makes it dirty, simply throw them in the washing machine. For convenience, choose blackout curtains blocking all light from outside sources like street lamps and headlights.

Window Seats

Window seats are a great way to add extra seating to your large bedroom. You can use them to create a reading nook or function as a quiet space in your room. If you want the window seat to blend in with the rest of the decor, consider using neutral colors like black and white. If you want something more dramatic, try using bright colors like red or blue.

Consider building a window seat if you’re looking for extra bedroom storage. It’s an excellent place to store pillows and blankets, making them easy to access when guests come over.

Built-In Shelves and Drawers

If you have a lot of stuff that needs to be organized, built-in shelves and drawers are excellent ways to do so. They can be added to the wall or floor, depending on your available space and where it makes the most sense. You could also opt for built-in nightstands with drawers if you want extra storage space next to your bed.

Painted Ceiling

A painted ceiling can help you create the illusion of a larger room, and it’s one of the most inexpensive ways to update your decor. You can paint your ceiling any color or pattern you like, but it’s recommendable going with bright white or a soft cream tone.

Bedroom painted ceiling transforms the space from drab to dazzling. Creating a custom ceiling mural can also give a plain room new life.

Natural Light and Ventilation

Natural light and ventilation are necessary for a large bedroom. It helps you wake up in the morning, sleep better at night, reduce stress, and increase productivity. Natural light can also improve your mood and make you feel more energized throughout the day.

To maximize natural light in your large master bedrooms, consider adding windows on both sides of the bed. Cross ventilation is considered the best ventilation. It allows natural airflow from both directions. In addition, cross ventilation helps maintain the air quality and improves the thermal comfort of your room.

You can also add skylights to your makeover project. They fill your room with even more natural lighting during the daytime hours when it’s not sunny outside.

Use Your Creativity When Transforming Your Bedroom

It’s time to get creative and start making your dream bedroom. These ideas can be used as inspiration, or you can use them to transform your existing bedroom. Many of these tips are applicable no matter the size of your space, but they’re especially helpful if you have a large room.

There are many ways to makeover a large bedroom. It all depends on your style and the look that you want to achieve. Transformation of your bedroom is not about adding more furniture or accessories but making significant decisions to decorate with colors, patterns, and textures. By following these tips, you can transform your room into something beautiful.


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