Top 5 Ways to Keep Your Pool Looking Pristine All Year

If the idea of maintaining your pool, spa, and outdoor living area is overwhelming, you are not alone. With all the time and money that goes into keeping these areas clean and attractive, it’s no wonder people dread their upkeep. 

However, there are ways to make maintenance easier so you can enjoy your backyard all year long—without worrying about cleaning or repairing any damage that may occur. Here are five tips for making summer fun last all season long.

Keep It Covered

During the winter months, you should keep your pool covered. It will help prevent dirt, leaves, bird droppings, and other debris from falling into it. You can also use a cover to protect your pool during the summer if you’re away on vacation or want to avoid having children play in it when you’re not home.

A good quality pool cover or solar pool cover will last for years if properly maintained and stored correctly between uses. If possible, invest in one that is UV resistant and designed to resist damage from wind, rain, and sun so that it lasts longer than cheaper versions offered by discount stores. The cost of replacing an average-sized pool cover every year adds up quickly.

Hire a Professional

There are several advantages to hiring a professional pool company to handle your pool cleaning and maintenance needs. Pools require specialized tools and equipment, so it’s best to leave the work to those who know what they’re doing. Pool technicians have the knowledge and experience necessary for any situation during the cleaning, so you don’t have to worry about how quickly or thoroughly they’ll get the job done. Say you are in Gilbert, Arizona, you can hire the best Gilbert pool service in your area to avail of services like weekly service, repairs, equipment installation, and filter cleaning, among others.

Hiring a professional pool service will also save time. The average person can clean their pool in about 20 hours per year, but many companies offer services that include everything from chemical balancing and filter servicing to winterizing your outdoor space once autumn rolls around again. It saves homeowners hours on end every year.

Clean Regularly

It would help if you cleaned your pool at least once a week. It will prevent dirt and debris from building up, which can eventually cause algae to form. Here are the steps you should take:

  • Clean your pool’s walls, floors, and waterline with a vacuum or net (depending on the type of cleaning surface).
  • Use your vacuum again to clean any additional debris sitting on top of the water in your pool. You may also want to use a soft brush or pole brush if a significant buildup requires more attention than just vacuuming it away can provide.
  • If leaves or other large objects are lying around, try using a leaf rake or skimmer net first before resorting to other methods such as vacuuming or using brushes and poles because these items may be able to dislodge unwanted objects without causing damage to surrounding areas such as walls, which could be quite costly for homeowners.

Check the Chemical Balance

Balancing the pH level is an important step in maintaining a clean pool. The pH should be between 7.2 and 7.6, which can be adjusted with chemicals available at most retailers that sell pool supplies. If you’re unsure what chemical you need, ask for advice from someone who works in the shop, they will know exactly what to recommend depending on your specific needs based on water quality and usage patterns. 

Purchase a Maintenance Kit

Investing in a maintenance kit for your pool is a good idea. These kits include all the tools you need to keep the pool clean and functioning properly, and they come with instructions on how to use them. Maintenance kits are especially useful if you don’t have experience with swimming pools or are hesitant about purchasing expensive equipment.

If you plan to purchase a maintenance kit, consider buying more than one so you can use it year-round. It will save money in the long run because fewer trips need to be made back and forth from the store every few weeks when something runs out (and inevitably costs more).


The best way to keep your pool looking pristine all year round is to start by doing a proper weekly cleaning. It will ensure that any dirt and debris in the water are removed before they have time to build up on the walls or floor of the pool. A weekly clean is also important for preventing algae growth and keeping filters working correctly, so they don’t need replacing more frequently.

It would help if you also were sure that no leaves or other objects are clogging up the skimmers and drains at all times during summer. It can cause serious problems with your pool’s filtration system, leading to major road damage. Regularly checking these areas during the peak season will help prevent issues from occurring later on when you’re not around as often.

Finally, make sure you invest some time into keeping your water balanced throughout each year, so it stays crystal clear without any odors or discoloration affecting its quality. We recommend using an algaecide once per week during hot months since temperatures rise higher than normal inside these pools due to heat absorbed through tile surfaces that become hotter than the surrounding air temperature outside.

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