5 Upholstery Cleaning Tips From Professionals 

As appealing as it is to have upholstered furniture, upholstery cleaning and maintenance can be quite tricky. Regular cleaning is the key to making upholstered furniture look good and new over the years. 

Besides looking after and maintaining the furniture yourself, regular professional upholstery cleaning is an effective way to prolong the lifespan and prevent wear and tear. After the professional cleaning, it is the homeowner’s responsibility to maintain it and keep it in pristine condition. 

5 Upholstery Cleaning Tips From Professionals 

Those who have upholstered furniture at home will find this guide useful and get to learn effective techniques for cleaning. Follow the given upholstery cleaning tips from experts to clean and maintain the furniture 

Regular Vacuuming 

Unwanted dirt, dust, bacteria, and other allergens settle on the upholstery and often penetrate its fibers leading to wear out of textile prematurely. Similar to vacuuming the floor every day, vacuum the upholstered furniture once or twice a week. 

Invest in a good vacuum with the right attachment to remove dirt and stain. Weekly vacuuming will ensure that the dirt does not ruin the fabric and lasts much longer. Besides vacuuming, spot clean any stains immediately instead of waiting for the next upholstery cleaning in Clarksville TN.

Follow the Care Instructions

All upholstered furniture comes with a care label attached to it. The care label includes all the instructions and a specific code. The alphabet ‘W’ written on a care label means to use water-based cleaners only, an ‘S’ means to clean upholstery with solvent-based cleaners, a ‘W, S’ means that you can use either of the said cleaners, and ‘X’ directs cleaners to use vacuum only.

It is wise to read the care label if you do not want to end up ruining the upholstery by using the wrong upholstery cleaning supplies or tools. Cleaning as per the instructions given on the care label will help you avoid the risk of voiding your warranty.

Use Solvent Cleaners Sparingly 

It is not advised to expose your upholstered furniture to moisture and wet cleaning products. Use a nominal amount to spot clean stains and let them dry completely. Using too many cleaners will result in moisture getting absorbed by the furniture padding. 

Use solvent cleaners only when necessary to avoid deterioration of the fabric and for the furniture to become a breeding ground for bacteria. 

DIY Cleaning Solutions 

DIY cleaners are just as effective as the ones available in the market with higher price tags. Use hydrogen peroxide to remove blood stains and salt to combat oil or grease stains. Diluted vinegar and a dish soap solution will help remove coffee stains. 

Hire Professionals 

Lastly, if you are too busy to clean and maintain upholstered furniture, hire upholstery cleaning services for regular cleaning. They have the right tools, products, and supplies to thoroughly clean the furniture.


These simple tricks will help you clean and deodorize the upholstered furniture to keep it in good shape and smelling fresh.

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