Why Having a Robot Mop is Beneficial

Is a Robot Mop a Necessity Inside Your House?

Cleaning tasks have always been exhausting and energy-draining, especially nowadays that we are still living under the pandemic where we mostly spend our time inside our houses. Because we’re always home, we’re continually using the things that are indoors. What could be the possible result of that? Dirty floors, dusty carpet, and stained tiles.

Mopping the floors, rubbing them with wet rugs, and sweeping the dust using a broom – all of these cleaning activities can be tiring. Even though cleaning is one of the most difficult tasks inside our houses, it’s also one of the most important things we must accomplish. We always want sparkling clean floors inside our home, right?

Yes, we all want to maintain the utmost cleanliness of our home, but at the same time, we do not want to be feeling exhausted all the time. We want to feel relaxed! That brings us to one of the newest trends nowadays – robot mops. What is a robot mop? Read on to know more details about it.

What is a Robot Mop?

There are 3 kinds of robot mop – one that uses a wet mop, one that uses dry-sweeping and wet-mopping, and one that uses mopping and vacuuming as well. Typical robot mops simply spray water to the floor to soften and remove the dirt then wipe it up after. There are also robot mops that suction the dirty water left on the floor.

Moreover, there are robot mops that can sweep your floor, vacuum it, then mop it with the assistance of a reusable or disposable cleaning pad. There are also several robot mops obtainable in the market that can be activated using a voice command (Alexa and Google Assistant). Each one of them differs in terms of battery life, suction power, size, and of course, price.

If you want to obtain the top-grade robot mops on the market, you can buy any robot from TOP-3 as they are all proven to deliver huge assistance in cleaning houses, maintaining the shine of the floors, and eradicating dust particles.

Things You Must Consider before Owning a Robot Mop

Battery life span

For a practical buy, you must look for a robot mop powered by rechargeable batteries that can operate for at least 1.5 hours. If your house is wider and larger than the usual size of a house, you must go for a robot mop that can recharge then resume its cleaning duties. If you have enough budget for a robot mop, purchase one with higher battery life. 

Simple setup and operation

Some of the robotic devices can be hard to understand at times. That’s why when buying a robot mop, you need to ascertain that it’s easy enough to understand even by a non-techie person.

From the charging process, loading and emptying of the water tank, detaching the cleaning pads, up to setting up the option to clean – all of these must be simple enough for you to understand and execute. Otherwise, owning a robotic device would be useless.

Compatibility with your floor surface

Before you acquire your robot mop, you need to be sure that it’s compatible with your floors. If you’re using wood or hardwood flooring, ascertain that the robot mop you’ll obtain is designed to clean that type of flooring. Nevertheless, all kinds of robot mops are compatible with tile and vinyl floors.

On the other hand, if you use carpets in your house, your robot mop must be equipped with floor and carpet detectors or sensors. There are some robot mops, or robot vacuums, that can identify the difference between hard-surface flooring and a carpet. Some of them even use a mapping function that allows you to manually choose what specific areas you want the robot map to clean.

Intelligent cleaning and app integration

There are robot mops, or robot vacuums, that can be controlled using an app. If you are a working person who’s always outside your house, you can consider this feature as this will allow you to schedule cleaning activities in advance even if you’re away. You can also set it up to a mode (no-go areas) to prevent the robot mop from cleaning areas that aren’t needed to be cleaned.


If you’re a bit short on budget, you need to look out for robot mops that are inexpensive but still equipped with advanced features. There are so many affordable yet innovative robot mops obtainable in the market. However, if money’s not an issue for you, you must go for a top-quality robot mop that possesses the highest parameters.

A Robot Mop is Becoming a Necessity Nowadays

Every house is required to be kept clean at all times because that is where we relax, eat, study, work, cook, sleep, spend time with our family, etc. All of the most important things are done inside our houses. That’s why preserving its cleanliness is a must. Robot mops are proven to keep our houses dust-free. It also helps in reducing the allergens that might affect our health.

Furthermore, the idea of owning a robot mop is becoming a necessity nowadays because it prevents many people from being over-exhausted and physically drained. In these times of pandemic, people need to stay healthy, clean, and physically strong at all times.

Overly cleaning makes us frequently exposed to dust and other dirt particles that might not be so beneficial to our health. It can also use the majority of our time – even the time where we should spend our time relaxing and doing other more important things.

Nonetheless, with a robot mop, you can always let it independently clean your house without you having to exert too much physical effort. With the help of this useful device, you can always find time for everything else.

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Jhanzaib Akhter
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