Details That Will Make Your Living Room More Sophisticated

Most of us have at some point looked around our living rooms and wished that they were a bit more glamourous. Often when we have young children at home or busy lifestyles that mean that sometimes our lounges become dumping grounds, a home for all the clutter and detritus that comes with day-to-day family life. Things build up, deep cleaning gets forgotten and our living rooms, the rooms that we spend most of our waking time at home in, often feel the brunt. 

You might have been to visit friends and family who have the most delightfully sophisticated living rooms, that are clean, tidy, and uncluttered, but that also has all of those finishing details that hint at expense and luxury. You’ve probably committed to the idea that you could never have the same. But a sophisticated living room doesn’t have to be hard to achieve, nor must it be expensive. Here are seven décor details that could give your living room a more sophisticated feel. 

Hang a Wall Clock

Clocks aren’t as popular now that we’ve all got smartwatches and phones close to hand to check the time. But there’s something so elegant and timeless about a wall clock. Sure, it’s functional, but it’s also a great focal point that can add a finishing touch to a dull wall. There are some fantastic options in a wide range of shapes and styles, with free shipping in Australia.

Add Interesting Antiques

Antiques can look glamourous, stylish, or even a little quirky. They are a great way to show your sense of style and personality while adding a unique element to your home. They can also be a great conversation starter when you have guests. Make a habit of checking local antique and charity stores for items that you love, without worrying too much about whether they will fit in with your décor. Antiques offer an eclectic vibe and often work best when they don’t quite fit. 

Utilize Large Artwork

Large artwork can be a fantastic way to make the most of a large, unadorned wall. Even hanging framed prints instead of originals can make them look more expensive and unique. Opt for large pieces that catch the eye and take up used space. 

Keep the Colour Scheme Simple

When we think of sophistication we often think of simplicity. To be truly sophisticated you don’t have to show off or fill space with glitz and glamour. Sophistication is typically understated and subtle. That’s why less is definitely more when it comes to the colour scheme of your décor. Monochrome can be the epitome of sophisticated style, but if you prefer colour, choose one bold colour, and keep the fittings, fixtures and accessories different tones of the same colour as much as possible.

Upgrade Your Lighting

Having lighting options means that you can change the atmosphere and mood in your living room quickly and easily. Utilise soft lighting with lamps and candles when you want a relaxing, or romantic atmosphere, and keep the bright overhead lights for when you need them. Update your decor by adding table lamps, standing lamps and even wall lanterns, and upgrade the shades on your overhead lights for a finishing touch. 

Invest in Houseplants

There are so many benefits of incorporating plants in your décor – not least that they look fantastic and really make your décor pop. 

Make the Most of Textiles

Textiles make your home feel more comfortable and cosier, but they can also give your décor added texture and warmth. Embrace soft furnishings and use different textures to increase depth

Making your living room more sophisticated doesn’t have to be expensive or require lots of work. Usually, a few simple finishing touches will do the job. 

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