Why Every Backyard Needs a Deck

The last few years have seen homeowners place a premium on their usable outdoor space, and nowhere has the sudden frenzy been more pronounced than when it comes to backyard deck space. For many prospective homeowners these days, the backyard deck has transferred from a feature that was often in the “nice to have” category to its most recent turn as a “must-have” item. This can be seen through recent statistics that show how every year, more and more home have decks built. 

The exact reasoning behind their popularity increase could be attributed to a variety of reasons, but by and large, a deck can be an ideal focal feature for almost any backyard. Decks have many great benefits; they can fit in most spaces, offer better views, activate additional living space, provide a higher resale value, and can have a natural wood look that many homeowners prefer.

For more details on what makes a deck a true backyard game-changer, read on below. 

Decks Can Fit Almost Any Backyard

Unlike a patio, which requires a fairly level grade to be built upon, decks can easily be built on uneven or undulating ground. This is thanks to their stilted structure, which allows a deck to more easily adapt to variances in grade. This also means that a deck will require less site preparation work. This can save homeowners money on expensive tasks such as grading, trenching, or filling a work site.

Decks Can Increase Resale Value

Decks are a sought-after feature for many homebuyers. This popularity helps explain how a deck is thought to retain 106% of its value during the sale of the home. This means that if you spend $5,000 on a new deck, it will likely be worth $5,300 when the house is sold. This is a 6% return, which is much more than the average savings account return. Remember: as the value of the deck goes up, so does the potential total return – making a deck no place to skimp on the budget.

Decks Can Offer Better Views

A basic advantage that a deck has is its elevated design. More often than not, decks are elevated. This exact difference can vary. While some are simply a few inches off the ground-level, others placed  on top of 9+ foot beams to create usable space beneath or match up with a top floor level. 

When compared to a patio, a deck will provide superior views of the area. This makes decks a great option for those who have a backyard that is normally fenced in, as (at the right height) a deck allows views over the fencing. This is also a great option for homeowners that have slopped properties as decks can be added on inclines or declines.

Decks Provide Additional Space

One of the key attractors to a deck for many homeowners is the addition outdoor space. When you build a raised deck, you now have a usable deck space, and (if vaulted high enough) you also have usable space underneath. This can be a storage area to keep things like lawnmowers or gardening equipment shielded from the elements, or the perfect place to put a hot tub without sacrificing seating areas. 

You can also have additional space for gardening, or adding more grass for kids or grandkids to play. The options are certainly not limited.

Many Prefer the Look of Natural Wood Decks

The last reason why many love decks is for the character that a natural wooden deck can give to an otherwise ordinary backyard. With the right staining and architectural details, a deck can become a treasured feature that improves the natural looks of any backyard – instead of causing a distraction or blighting the landscape.

A natural wood deck can survive the test of time, however, it will still require routine maintenance. This will include tasks like sanding, restaining/painting, replacing broken down boards, etc. Keeping up with this care will greatly increase the lifespan of your deck and make sure that all the people who use it remain safe. 

Knowing what maintenance is necessary is why it is best to partner with a local decking professional. They what protective measure are necessary for protecting decks in the area from the ravages of the elements. For example, deck builders in Exton, PA will likely have a much different deck protection prescription than deck builders elsewhere in the country.

If you are unsure if the expertise a deck-builder has is worth the price they may charge,  remember: knowing what works in your neck of the woods can make all the difference when it comes to maintaining a natural wood deck and by using fiberglass deck grating. That knowledge – paired with peace of mind regarding safety – is invaluable when it comes down to it.

Final Thoughts

The reasons for building a deck can vary between people. From wanting extra outdoor living space, to attempting to improve your home’s resale value.  Whichever the reason may be, we hope the information above provides insight into why every backyard could benefit from a deck.


Humna Chaudhary
Humna Chaudhary
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