7 Unique and Stylish Glass Options for Your Glass Table Top

Glass table tops play an important role when it comes to furniture safety and decor. Whenever we think about a glass table top, the first thing that comes to mind is a simple transparent glass panel sitting on a surface of the table. However there are a lot more options and styles available in glass table tops which you can use to add style to your furniture. Following are the most common stylish glass types available in the market.

Patterned Glass Tops

Patterned glass tops are made with pattern or textured glass. You can find the thousands of texture designs for your glass top. Patterned glass tops are the best option to give a stylish look to your table. 

Back Painted Glass Tops

As the name explains, these table tops have a paint on the back side of glass which gives a colorful look to your table. You can choose from thousands of colors according to your room theme. Some companies also offer logo and texture printing on back painted glass. Many restaurants and coffee shops get their logo printed on back painted glass tops to give their tables a banded appearance. 

Crackled Glass Tops

Crackled glass is a very unique looking glass which gives an illusion of broken glass. It is made with three panels of glass however the manufacturer’s break the centerpiece of glass intentionally to give it a cracked look. You can also find designs and crackling patterns for your crackled glass top.

Laminated Glass Tops

Laminated glass tops are made with two glass panels stuck together. To give laminated glass a style, a colorful or printed layer is also added between the two panels of glass. Laminated glass tops are the most durable and safest option. Because the laminated glass shatters its pieces remain stuck together and don’t spread on the floor which makes it the safest option for your table top.

Tinted Glass Tops

Tinted glass table tops are colorful but transparent glass table tops and can give a unique look to your furniture. Bronze and gray tinted glass is very common to use for patio tables and other outdoor furniture. You can find countless colors for your tinted glass table top. Some companies also allow you to choose the opacity of the glass so you can select the perfect shade of tinted glass according to your requirements. 

Silk Printed Glass 

Silk printing is a technology used to print patterns on the glass surface. Silk printed glass tops are very common these days. Silk printed glass is available in thousands of patterns and styles. The good thing about silk printed glass is that you can get a customized textured print on your table top. Interior designers use this feature in unique ways to match the table top with room interiors. 

Glittered Glass Tops

Glittered glass is actually a type of laminated glass which comes with shinny glitter stuck between panels of glass. This is a very unique glass top style and popular for kids rooms and birthday venues. It is also available in different styles and colors.

These are the most popular styles available in the market which you can use to give your furniture a unique look.

Humna Chaudhary
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