10 Tips for Designing the Perfect Cabin for your home

Cabins are your home away from home. You may not spend a lot of time there, but when you do, you want it to count. That means you want it looking its best so that you can make the most of your time there without worry. Knowing how to go about that means less time thinking about how to enjoy your cabin, and more time actually enjoying your time.

  1.  Embrace rustic

You have a cabin, so it makes sense to make the most of the aesthetic by furnishing the place with wooden furniture. Whether you all ready have pieces in mind, or are looking to buy quality Amish furniture, making the most of rustic appeal will help ensure a cozy cabin experience.

  1. Keep it balanced

That said, too much of one aesthetic might be a bit overboard. A lot of wooden furniture can overwhelm the interior design scheme. Keeping those pieces balanced with other styles will help keep attention on them, allowing the wood to be the star of your cabin décor.

  1. Compliment rustic with natural

It might seem cliché, but making use of natural and rustic themes to compliment the cabin’s exterior look as well as the inside design scheme will really help bring out the cozy cabin factor.

The décor is up to you, but, depending on how much time of the year you actually use the cabin, you probably want pieces to be more on the functional size. This can also vary depending on the size of the cabin. Lamps designed like old lanterns or rustic chandeliers are good examples of complimentary design options that look great, match the style, and remain functional in the process.

  1. Comfort takes precedence

Along with functional design options, you probably want furniture and the like to be comfortable. You want to make the most of your time in the cabin, inside and outside if you have the outdoor furniture. Bringing the outside inside can help make your decor pop. For inspiration and ideas, you may want to check out Amish Furniture Factory’s home décor accessories.

  1. Make the most of the outside

Speaking of the outdoors, most cabins have at least some space out in the wilderness that you can use. This space can be as simple as a clearing with a fire pit, or a full-on deck with a size to rival your cabin. Either way, incorporating your design and furniture desires into this area is just as pinnacle as the inside. Whether that means wrought iron furniture or rustic lighting is entirely up to you and your vision.

  1. Maximize your spacing

Generally, cabins aren’t very large. That means making the most of the space you have is important. From functional décor to paintings of nature to break up the plainness of the walls, you have to remember to take walking space and toe room into account.

This is especially important to remember when contrasting to your main home, which might have a lot more space. If you find yourself grazing walls with your elbow and bumping into the sofa the first day back at your cabin, you might want to open up the space a bit.

  1. Soften up space

Cabins being made of wood and filled with wooden furniture and floors will echo. To help absorb sound, some rugs and tapestries on the wall will not only help brunt the echo chamber, it will also add some great looks that match your rustic design.

You don’t need to hunt your own bears, either. There are plenty of options for rugs and wall hangings that will reduce sound without harming the environment.

  1. Remember lighting

As touched on throughout this article, you want some lighting in your cabin. Besides being able to see what you’re doing, the chance to make functional design choices by purchasing fun, rustic and rustic looking pieces can really help accentuate décor schemes.

  1. Add some color

Wooden tones look really nice, but don’t be afraid to add some color here and there to help contrast with all the natural tones. These colors can come from accessories or rugs and tapestries. They don’t have to be completely random either, and should not. You can add natural colors, like greens, to compliment the wooden tones.

10. Let your surroundings inspire you

Part of the reason you chose the cabin you did was for the surrounding area. Let the unique features of that area inspire your design choices. That might mean a painting of a nearby waterfall, or the rugs of last season’s hunting season. Whatever or wherever you choose, let the land play its role and helping you make the most of your cabin space.

Making the most of your cabin is important to enjoying it while you’re there. As long as you make the most of your space, inside and outside, and let nature inspire your options, you should have no problem ensuring a fun cabin experience with each visit.