Home Privacy Fencing Options

Privacy fences provide an effective solution for enclosing your yard while adding visual appeal and providing much-needed seclusion.

Before selecting a privacy fence, take into account your individual needs and preferences. There is an array of materials, styles and configurations to select from that will best complement the environment of your home.

Corrugated Metal

Corrugated metal fencing is an increasingly popular fencing option, offering numerous advantages. Not only is it great at adding privacy, but its durable nature also means less maintenance is necessary over time.

Corrugated panels come with various profiles to fit any style imaginable. From minimalistic styles to those featuring bright hues, corrugated panels make an easy addition to your home that allows you to decorate it exactly how you’d like. Plus, their cutting capabilities mean you can mold them to meet any shape or design requirement you may have!

Corrugated metal fences offer many benefits over vinyl or wood options when it comes to cost. Depending on the material chosen, corrugated steel costs anywhere from $10-12 per linear foot which makes this choice much less expensive than other options.

To build a fence out of corrugated metal, you will require posts, support beams, and corrugated metal panels. As each material must be purchased separately before beginning construction, it’s crucial that you estimate how much is necessary.

Once you have all the materials for your project, the next step should be digging holes for fence posts and support beams. A post hole digger rental or kit available from hardware stores can assist in this step.

Next, measure your entire perimeter to ascertain how many sheets of corrugated metal will be necessary to cover it – this will ensure that there will be enough panels available to create your desired look.

Once you have taken measurements for your entire perimeter, shop for corrugated metal panels in sufficient amounts so as to avoid overspending on materials and make your project more cost-effective. Alternatively, you can hire professionals like the ones found here: https://www.supremefence.co to help you with the installation. These experts are able to accurately assess how much material will be necessary to complete the job.


Vinyl fencing provides many benefits for homeowners seeking more privacy and increasing the value of their home. Easy to maintain, these fences come in different styles to meet every homeowner’s individual needs.

Vinyl furniture doesn’t require staining or painting like wood; plus it is nonporous and won’t scratch easily making it a great choice for those with kids and pets.

Due to its durability, a high-quality vinyl fence will last decades without needing repairs or maintenance – an ideal option for busy families who don’t wish to spend too much time maintaining or repairing their fence.

This material is resistant to rot, decay and insect damage while standing up well to harsh elements like rain and sunlight. Furthermore, its flexible construction means it remains resilient even in harsh winds – meaning it can even withstand hurricanes and tornadoes without dismantling.

Vinyl fencing is about five times stronger than wood! That means your new vinyl fence will stand strong for many years to come.

Vinyl siding is also eco-friendly, made from renewable resources that can be recycled. 


Stockade fences are an iconic form of privacy fencing, originally used to secure settlements and military camps from intrusion and defense purposes. Today, stockade fences serve mostly as privacy barriers. Their lack of gaps between pickets creates a secure private area without unwanted intrusion from outside sources.

Stockades offer homeowners looking for an economical yet durable privacy fence an excellent solution, which can also be tailored to fit the unique requirements of each property.

Redwood, cedar, and pressure treated spruce are among the most frequently used stockade wood types. Pressure-treated spruce is more affordable than cedar while providing good pest-repelling properties; on the other hand, cedar tends to be more stable after installation, seldom shrinking after being put up.

Stockade fencing not only adds security, but its aesthetic value can enhance the curb appeal of your property as well. Stockade fences make an elegant backdrop for traditional flower or rock gardens and landscaping projects alike – plus, they act as sound barriers reducing traffic noise nearby and other unwanted noise sources. Excess noise can have disastrous effects on your health; click the link: https://www.cdc.gov/vitalsigns/hearingloss/ to find out more.

Stockade fences can be an excellent investment for long-term homeowners. Their sturdy construction will stand the test of time if treated with chemicals that promote durability.

Maintaining your stockade fence regularly is recommended to keep it looking its best and extend its life. You can do this by washing with a fence cleaner, applying topical sealants to shield its surface from weather damage, changing stain or paint colors as necessary, and giving it a fresh new look if desired.

Shadow Box

Shadow box privacy fencing options are an increasingly popular choice for homeowners seeking to add more privacy to their backyards. Offering various benefits, custom made shadow box fences can fit perfectly into any yard. You can visit this site for help visualizing the new look of your yard.

Shadowbox fences typically utilize an alternating picket design, as opposed to placing all the pickets along one railing side. Contractors place an alternate set with slight overlap on the opposite rail side for added visual interest and light playfulness in any backyard. This creates an eye-catching interplay of wood and light that adds visual charm and can make any backyard more welcoming.

Alternating picket placement also distributes weight evenly throughout the fence, increasing durability and decreasing chances that pickets may come loose and fall off.

Another benefit of this design is allowing air flow into your backyard, which can come in handy on hot summer days when grilling out or enjoying outdoor space.

Shadowbox fences tend to be more wind resistant than traditional privacy fences, making them especially helpful in areas that experience frequent storms.

Shadow box fence costs depend on a range of variables, including the type and cost of wood used as well as whether prefab panels with rails and pickets or stick built individual pieces are used for construction. Stick building is usually cheaper; however if this process doesn’t appeal to you then prefabricated panels offer an economical solution that saves both time and money.