Do All Bidet Toilet Seats Need Electricity?

Since the early 1700s, bidets have been operating without electricity, and they continue to do so today. Nowadays, these spray systems have even adapted to use warm water without a power source. Technology may have split electric and non electric bidets apart but they are still both great options to replace toilet paper. 

Electric Bidets

Electric bidets havent been around quite as long, but they have taken over the market since popping up in the 1960s. After years of improvements, these electric bidets can battery powered or plugin, and high-tech models are packed with impressive features. 

These fancier spray systems may include custom settings for differ alternate users, or even a remote control to operate all of your features without ever touching toilet. These electric models of bidet seats have come a long way in the past decades, and they are improving constantly. Getting yelled at for leaving the seat up too much? Try a model that will do it for you! Many models also include sanitation systems and easy-clean components to keep your bathroom in top health. These bidet systems will seriously make going more enjoyable and sanitary.

Manual Bidets

In their basic form, bidet systems are manual, requiring no electricity to complete their function. Dont worry, the manual idet process has changed over the past couple of centuries and you no longer have to splash anything. Manual systems operate from the same principal as the electric, directing and pressurizing the water line, and use a simple knob or lever to control the flow.

 Simple designs and easy installation these products make it all the easier for newcomers to experience bidets without breaking the bank. 

Pros & Cons

While the manual bidet options offer a more approachable price tag, electric bidet systems may just win you over with their spectacular features and comfortable amenities. The simplicity of manual bidets typically includes less upkeep and simple installation, making it a viable option for elderly or less active individuals. For experienced users, or anyone who loves a little luxury, try an electric bidet to change the game for yourself. Be sure to read the maintenance and assembly instructions to ensure you have a complete understanding of the product, and are able to perform the proper maintenance at specified intervals.