Various Uses Of Boom Gates

Boom gates are used in a variety of situations. These act as a simple but effective barrier to entry. A typical gate consists of a long arm that automatically lowers to block incoming traffic. To lift the arm of the boom gate, certain action needs to be taken by the driver of the vehicle such as pay a toll, present a pass code or another action before the arm is raised and the driver can pass the gate. 

There are several uses of boom gates. These are mainly used in car parking facilities where the driver gets to leave the facility only when they can present a receipt. In addition, these gates are also used at checkpoints and at entrances to restricted areas. Boom gates are also often used for preventing traffic from accessing certain areas while allowing authorized vehicles to go through. If you still haven’t thought of investing in boom gates, here are a few more reasons for you to seriously consider buying boom gates.

One of the biggest advantages of these gates is that these go a long way in making premises secure. After all, security is a big concern everywhere these days. A boom gate allows you to deny or allow a particular vehicle to pass through based on certain criteria. If you don’t want to allow entry to a particular vehicle, a boom gate allows you to do just that. It gives you the flexibility to keep the premises restricted to your choice of vehicles. It also allows you to monitor and record every single vehicle that enters the property.

Another big advantage of using these gates is that these allow you to control traffic on and off the premises. Many properties, these days, have limited parking space which is often not enough for all the vehicles that want to get in. When you have a boom gate, you can control the flow of vehicles. You can allow certain number of vehicles to be on the property at any given time. It can be used to prevent entry to more vehicles once the parking area is full.

With the help of boom gates, you can save decent money on security costs, especially in the long run. Investment in a boom gate is a one-off expense but once the system has been properly installed, it does not cost much to run and it is also low maintenance. If you don’t need a security guard for any other purpose, a boom gate can easily replace them which should save you decent amount of money in the long run. You can also increase the revenue of a car park with the help of a boom gate. A boom gate can be programmed to not allow the vehicles to leave the parking space unless they present a ticket.

One of the most common problems faced by property owners is that they have a lot of people driving around their property which not only disturbs their privacy but also creates a security hazard. A boom gate can help you prevent such people from driving around your property. It works great for both residential properties as well as commercial properties. A boom gate is also much more efficient in terms of space usage as compared to other types of gates. It needs only minimal amount of vertical space as compared to sliding or swinging gates.

One of the most common misconceptions associated with boom gates is that these do not last long and require a lot of maintenance. Nothing could be further from the truth. Good quality gates are extremely durable and last for years with proper maintenance. Also, these are capable of withstanding a decent amount of wear and tear. These are low maintenance but you can’t completely ignore them. Just oil the moving parts regularly and the gate will keep operating just like new. Also, installation does not take too much time.

Another common misconception associated with these gates is that these fail to work when there is no power. Again, it’s a big misconception. The boom gates are designed to be operated manually in case of power failure. Manual operation of gates allows vehicle to go through safely.

Overall, these are some of the major advantages of boom gates. You must have seen them everywhere especially in airports, car parks, shopping malls, amusement parks and in various other places. These offer an excellent automated solution to regulate the flow of traffic and to prevent unauthorized vehicles from entering into restricted spaces. There are a number of manufacturers of these gates, and it is important for you to do your research before choosing a particular manufacturers. Pay special attention to their reputation in the industry as well as warranty offered by them and the features of their gates in addition to the price when buying these gates to get good value for your money.

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