Solar America – Is A Total Solar Home Possible? 

As we look to Earth for continued resources that support life, it is evident that the burning of fossil fuels which release large amounts of carbon dioxide (one of many greenhouse gases) into the air, will dramatically increase temperatures. Solar America recognizes global warming as a major cause of recurring and extreme weather patterns that will continue to wreak havoc on communities and businesses across the country.

As an agent for top solar construction companies, Solar America has witnessed the advancement of solar technology and is ready to match property owners with solar industry distributors, manufacturers, and installers to ease the transition into sustainable living. Here are a few technologies that may support a future where the entire home is run on solar power!

Solar batteries

Innovations in solar power storage will be critical to the total solar home because current solar technology works when the sun is shining and can store enough energy to use for a short time when it is cloudy or nighttime. The need to generate and store more electricity will depend upon battery solutions that can provide power during times of low or no sunlight.

Solar America sees a future of sustainable infrastructures where the cost of battery storage units will decrease and the capacity of battery power storage will increase. This will all help to create solar homes and businesses that will no longer rely on the power grid.

Solar panel efficiency

Currently, solar panel efficiency, or the amount of sunlight shining on solar that is converted into electricity hovers around 15% to 20%. When you consider that this is free energy, Solar America knows this is a good deal for property owners. But, image a future where the solar panel efficiency of a standard panel can deliver 650-1000 watts or more of power compared to the current 250W to 500W.

This type of solar panel efficiency and power conversion when mated with powerful battery backup options can operate a small household or even a medium-sized office.

Solar thermal fuel (STF)

Solar thermal fuels are a newer technology that uses a chemical to absorb solar radiation. This radiated chemical can then be stored for a number of days, and released later as thermal heat. Solar fuels will have a wide variety of applications in the areas of heating. The key to advancing solar thermal fuel technology will include manufacturers who are willing to make the appliances and other home systems that can take advantage of this emerging technology.

Solar America does see a future where a home or business can be totally powered by solar energy, and this includes solar paint for exteriors that can capture solar energy to be converted into electricity, solar water purifiers, solar home lighting, solar ovens, and solar air conditioners.

Humna Chaudhary
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