8 Ideas to Renovate your House

Living in the same space of your home starts becoming dull over the years. So why not renovate your house’s boring corners with bright and interesting ideas? From beautiful interiors to exteriors, you can DIY small renovations yourself or hire a professional to make more complicated and boastful renovations to your beautiful house of yours. Make your house more reliable, convenient, and comfortable to live in for more years to come. Here is a list of amazing ideas to renovate your old house to get a new look for your house.

Use the area under the stairs

The area under your stairs is usually wasted in vain if you build up your house’s stairs foundation there. Instead, you can make a hollow staircase foundation and use it to store your house well or even fit in a lazy couch with a spot bulb over it and make it a nice and cosy place in your house. You can make it your pet’s den or use it to store your kid’s play toys. Make a mini bookcase or a CD shelf to store your all-time favourite books and CDs. 

A fresh coat of Paint

Over time, the wall paints wear down and give you a dull vibe. Paint those walls with vibrant colours, textures, and designs. You can use wall stickers over those painted walls to liven them up a bit more. Decorate those walls with acrylic paintings, oil paintings, or beautiful memories in the form of photo frames. This will not only brighten up your walls but also brighten up your life. You can either paint the walls by yourself or hire a professional to do the job. Hang designer mirrors over designer wall paints to give your home a chic and posh look.

Go Green

Having green plants and house trees around the house is bliss. Make sure to get plants that are safe to keep indoors and need minimum maintenance for the lazy kid in you. You can keep money plant which helps to keep the air clean and brings good luck for the house. You can do your research to get yourself plants that are best suited for your home and needs. Those blossoming flowery plants will change your mood in no time to change your sad or angry mood into a happier and satisfied one. 

Space utilization with Kitchen Cabinets

Buying kitchen essentials is a never-ending process. We purchase kitchen goods most frequently than any other good for the house. So a proper kitchen cabinet is a safe way to compartmentalize your kitchen and keep it neat and clean. You can even install built-in dishwater alongside your kitchen cabinet to easefully wash those utensils. The kitchen is the most used place in a house. It gets dirty easily and needs to be cleaned almost daily. So to avoid creating a messy kitchen and to save yourself from cleaning the kitchen from top to bottom, kitchen cabinet refacing is the best solution for the cause. You can install upper cabinets to use it as a minibar or to keep your expensive diner sets.

Natural Light Interfaces

A house needs more natural light to keep it warm and free of bacteria and fungus. Natural light is good for health as it helps in giving the body vitamin D and many other health benefits. It brings a natural spark into the house and soothes the soul. SO make your windows and doors made of glass with a wider area to let in the natural light. Don’t forget to get wider curtains in case you are in no mood for too much light at times. You can make geometrical designs with windows to let the natural light come in and glow in interesting shapes and sizes. 

Build up the Exterior

The exterior of your house is where the eyes are first set when someone visits your home. Decorate those balconies with plants and LED/Fairy lights. Give the lawn a creative grass design. If you have enough space, then you can even build a fountain which can even be DIY if you like. Put flower pots along the entrance or grow trees to make your lawn more fruitful. You can make a playhouse for your children or light up the entrance door with cheerful and colourful pieces of decoration.

Wood Floor Installation

Tiles and marble floors are very common in every household. To get a new change for yourself, you can go with wood floor installation. Wooden flooring can be real wood or even tiles with wood design on it which are easily available nowadays. Wood floors bring an ethnic and antique touch to the entire household. The warm feeling of old school building lovers is a satisfaction to earn for. Get matching furniture sets, probably in white to get a rich look in your living room along with the wood floor installation.