Roof Cleaning: DIY Or Professional?

Regular roof cleaning isn’t done exclusively for aesthetic purposes. It can also help extend your roof’s lifespan and ensure protection from the elements. 

Some experts recommend cleaning your roof after three or five years. However, most experts suggest doing the activity more frequently, especially in areas where the climate can be highly unpredictable. A proactive approach can also prevent problems from getting worse.      

Roof cleaning is one of the significant services offered by several roof contractors.

although a few homeowners may have attempted to perform the exercise at least once. Some may think that washing the roof is enough to keep it safe. However, several aspects need to be considered.

Read this article before starting a roof cleaning activity. 

Why Roof Cleaning Is Essential

Besides strong winds and heavy rains, your home’s topmost portion is vulnerable to moss, lichen, molds, and other growth. Although these may not look harmful, they can negatively impact the roof’s integrity due to moisture. When left unattended, these could lead to wood rot and shingle deformations, making it more vulnerable to damage. 

When you’re in an area where heavy rains and snowfall appear throughout the year, for instance, in North Carolina, consider hiring roof cleaning Greensboro, NC, and similar companies for your roof restoration and cleaning needs.

Some homeowners opt for do-it-yourself roof cleaning, though.     

Why Homeowners Go For DIY Roof Cleaning 

Despite its significant contribution to a home’s structural integrity, the roof remains one of the most neglected sections of a property. Shingle deformation and discoloration, algae growth and stains, and gutter problems are the most common telltale signs that you need to clean your roof.  

Homeowners often resort to DIY roof cleaning to save costs. Professional fees can vary from state to state, with the national median price pegged at USD$ 490. The cost can vary widely based on the location, size, and roofing materials

Additionally, some aren’t fully aware of the dangers linked to roof cleaning. Even professionals are at risk of slipping and falling from the roof. Stinging insects may also nest on top, ready to attack if disrupted. 

Reasons To Seek Professional Roof Cleaning Services  

Some homeowners think roof cleaning is easy. They believe a ladder, pressure washer, and bleach can do the job. Besides the danger of falling from the roof, highly corrosive cleaners can damage a metal roof, and improper handling of debris, moss, or lichen can do more harm than good.     

Consider the most compelling reasons why you should hire professionals to keep your roof in shape: 

They Ensure Safety   

To ensure you’re safe while working on top of your home, you’ll need a harness, protective gear, and safety net, among other devices. Your safety is compromised if you don’t have these pieces of equipment.

Meanwhile, professionals must have these gears and be trained to clean the roof safely.   

They Can Spot Potential Issues 

Your roof may look good, but some hidden areas may harbor algae, moss, and mold growth. A professional cleaner can spot areas of concern and perform the proper steps in removing them, effectively saving homeowners from costly roof repair or replacement projects. They are also trained to evaluate whether your roof needs more than washing. 

They’re Properly Equipped  

Roof cleaning professionals have the skills, experience, and tools to handle your roof restoration needs. They know the type of washing method your roof needs and the appropriate cleaning solutions that cause no further damage to the materials. In some cases, hard washing is the best solution, where a pressure washer is required to do the primary job, and only mild chemicals are needed to do the job.

Conversely, soft washing is when cleaners need to apply potent compounds to remove the stain, debris, and other discolorations.   

Roof Cleaning

They Know How to Handle Any Roof Problems

Suppose you took the DIY route in cleaning your roof and find out about a roof problem, like missing or deformed shingles. In that case, do you know how to fix it? Note that the roof is a complex structure, and a visible issue may only be a symptom of a bigger problem below.

Improper handling can blow up a minor roof problem into a significant one, eventually resulting in bigger problems. If you don’t know what you’re looking at and how to fix the issue, it’s best to leave it to professionals. 

They Can Save You Time 

Besides ensuring that you stay safe, hiring professionals to do the job allows you to spend time wisely. So, instead of trying to weed out the mold, algae, moss, and lichen stuck in between the shingles, wouldn’t it be better if you could spend more time with your family and friends instead?      

Concluding Thoughts 

A DIY roof cleaning project may save you costs, but it can expose you to safety risks and more significant problems.

Moreover, if you consider the costs of renting out or buying safety equipment and cleaning materials, including the potential medical fees for injuries, paying a few hundred dollars for roof cleaning is worth it.     

Hiring professionals gives you peace of mind knowing that your roof is getting the best attention and care it deserves.  

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