Styling Tricks That Will Make a Small Living Room Look Big

Sometimes smaller rooms can feel uncomfortable or even confining. For that reason, when styling a small living room, everything comes into account.  It is possible to learn through. To be precise, you can manage to make a room appear bigger simply by applying a few clever interior design-inspired tricks. 

The combination of creative lighting design, color techniques as well as furniture arranging, and mirror placement can trick the eye and make the interior seem much larger than it actually is. 

If unsure of where to start, here are some styling tips that can help you and trick the eye and make the living room seem larger than it actually is. 


It is a known fact that painting walls white will create the illusion of a larger space. Although, white is not the only option you have. Any lighter neutral color that has a bright and fresh feel can have exactly the same effect. It does not matter if it is a pale lavender tone or a muted sage green. 

It would be wise not to shy away from color when it comes to your furniture either. The reason being, a bright color will emphasize the size of the object, however, since it brings attention to it, you should be careful of what colorful things you use. Generally, maintaining a limited color palette is recommended. If you have too many visual distractions, the room will feel cluttered up. 

Up Against the Wall or In the Middle?

In any sized room, it can be tempting to push all your big pieces of furniture like sofas or loveseats up against the walls. 

Many homeowners simply want to create more floor space in the center of the room. Although, it would be wise to remember that all that empty space in the middle of your room is not actually doing anything good for space if it is small. It is recommended to rethink your furniture layout. These useful tips can come in handy. Especially since seeing the space between the wall and the back of your love seat will automatically create the illusion of airiness in the living room. As a bonus, the furniture will create intimate conversation zones. In a situation where you can not pass the popcorn bowl to the person sitting on a chair, or reach the coffee table to put down your drink, does not feel as cozy. That is yet another reason to bring the furniture closer together.

The Light

The interior of any room is opened up by the natural light. Basically, it makes it look larger. That is a great way to achieve the effect if you have natural light, although, if you do not, there is no need to be discouraged. For instance, you could add some creative effects by using lighting fixtures. 

This small addition can make a huge difference. In case you have access to natural light, it will instantly connect the room with the outdoors which as a result will no longer limit your space. The best advice would be to use sheer window coverings in order to allow more light. 

Keep it Clean

One way to make your living room look big is to keep it tidy and organized. Nothing will make a small space feel more cramped than too many items. If access stuff is neatly arranged or out of sight, space will feel open. 

As far as the walls, minimalism will also do the work. Meaning, there is no need to cover your walls with a lot of pictures. As an example, one large painting can look better than a group of small ones.

Make Use of Mirrors

The excellent tactic is to strategically place a big mirror opposite your windows. Your living room “doubles in size”. The optical illusion mirrors can make is real. When it comes to opening up the room, mirrors are good to have since they throw light around the space. A similar effect can be done by lucite furniture and glass. 

You may feel frustrated because of the deficiency of space if you are in the method of beautify a small living room. Although, that being said, there are affluence of reasons why small is better. Not only that the small spaces are easier to beautify and keep clean, but the organization is also better. 

Have in mind that it is not impossible to gain space in your current living room layout without actually having to renovate. All you would need is to apply a few tricks and your small living room will look appealing as any other large one would.

Humna Chaudhary
Humna Chaudhary
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