5 Reasons Your Faucet is Dripping

A dripping faucet is not just annoying but it is probably costing you money with wasted water so it is a good idea to get to the bottom of why it might be leaking. 

When it comes to maintaining your home it often pays to be proactive and fix problems as soon as possible before they turn into a bigger issue. Leave it too long and things could escalate to the point where you are searching plumber Frankston, for instance, and trying to get someone out in a hurry to fix your faucet. 

Here are some typical reasons why your faucet is dripping. 

Has corrosion caused a problem? 

It goes without saying that water can be very corrosive and that leads to a variety of problems with your faucet, such as causing your valve seat to corrode. 

If you don’t know what the valve seat actually is, it is the item that does the job of acting as a connection between the spit and the faucet, providing the compression needed. 

Sediments in tap water can lead to corrosion of the valve seat and this is a job for a professional plumber who will be able to access, clean, or replace the part so that it stops dripping. 

Check the washer 

One of the most common reasons why a faucet starts to drip is because a washer has become worn and is no longer doing its job. 

The washer is subjected to friction every time you use your faucet and the good news is that a worn-out washer is not that difficult or expensive to replace. 

Is it still leaking after replacing the washer? 

A lot of homeowners might feel that replacing a washer should be within their DIY capabilities, but sometimes their confidence is misplaced. 

If you fit the wrong type of washer or one that is not the right size it will mean that the dripping will continue or could even get worse. 

Check to see if a washer is correctly installed and also check whether the seal is intact. 

It could be a hardware problem 

There is always the possibility that your hardware has become broken and is no longer fit for purpose. 

A common fault with your faucet could be that a part of the internal mechanism has broken or is simply malfunctioning. Either way, you may need to replace your hardware in order to fix the dripping. 

Have you checked the O-ring? 

Another typical fault that leads to a leaky faucet is when the O-ring has become loose or has simply worn out. 

You will often find that the O-ring is the primary source of dripping problems. This small disk plays a pivotal role in making your faucet work properly and it should be simple enough to get it checked and replaced, if necessary. 

You can get different types of faucets. Typically, these are rotary ball, cartridge, or ceramic disc. Whichever type you have in your home they are all prone to maintenance issues that could cause water to constantly drip. 

Fixing these common faults will be easy for a plumber, but you could create more problems if your DIY fix is done properly. This is why it is often best to call a professional, even when you think the repair work might be minor.

Humna Chaudhary
Humna Chaudhary
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