Electrical Fire Smell – How To Detect If There Is An Electrical Fire

An electrical fire can wreak havoc in your home. Electrical fires are just like the name suggests. They happen when the electrical wires and sockets catch fire due to malfunctioning. These fires can originate in different components of the electrical system of a home or a building. It is important for all homeowners to know how and why an electrical fire starts to deal with them without wasting time.

How Do Electrical Fires Start?

The most common place for electrical fires to start is the electrical panels. These panels connect to the electric wires and other components. The biggest reason for electrical fires is overloaded circuits. If the electricity is not distributed evenly, it is possible that the panel might catch fire. Similarly, if lighting equipment is too close to materials that are combustible, you can expect them to catch fire.

Most people have no idea if the wiring and electrical systems in their homes are working fine unless and until a misfortunate event takes place. This is why it is very important to notice even the slightest indicators of an electrical fire. Here are some signs you should stay vary of:

Burning Smell

The first thing that you are most likely to experience is a burning smell. The burning smell of an electrical fire is the most distinct smell, and one can rectify it immediately. If you suddenly smell something burning but cannot tell what it is, make sure to check all your electrical circuits.

Your immediate reaction should be to shut off the main power supply so that the fire can be controlled. Shutting off the power supply might help prevent the fire from spreading. Once you switch off the power supply, do not wait unnecessarily for something to happen but call for an electrician as soon as possible.

If the smell is faint, you don’t need to evacuate your home. But if the smell is strong, it is best to leave your home and call emergency numbers.

Tripping Of Circuit Breakers

If your circuit breakers keep tripping, you might be at high risk of facing an electrical fire. Circuit breakers usually trip every now and then. That is not something to worry about. If your circuit breakers keep tripping over and over again, that’s when you should make haste and get an expert to help you immediately. Here are some reasons why your circuit breakers might be tripping:

  • Overloaded Circuits– To prevent overheating, circuit breakers trip and that helps prevent fires. If that is the reason, consider changing the arrangement of your electrical appliances so that they are not putting a lot of load on your circuits.
  • Short-circuits– When a live wire in your home accidentally touches a neutral wire, the result can be a short circuit. The current generated from this exchange can cause overheating, and in turn, cause the circuit breaker to trip.

These are the most common reasons why your circuit breakers are tripping.

Discolored Outlets

An indicator of an electrical fire can also be a discolored outlet. If an outlet is not working anymore and is discolored, it is very possible that there was some sort of electrical spark which caused the outlet to char. This does not mean that an electrical fire is delayed but it means that there is some malfunctioning, and you should be careful.

To check other outlets, do not touch the switch but touch the plates around the switch. Examine the plates and touch them to see if they are hot. If they are hot against your hands, then there is something wrong with either your wires or your connectors. The best thing to do in such a situation is to call on an electrician, and save your home from misfortune.

Flickering Lights

Flickering lights can have multiple reasons. For instance, your lights can flicker if the wires are loosely connected. To avoid any resistance it is important for the connections to be as tight as possible. If there is a lot of resistance your wiring may overheat and that can lead to an electrical fire. If your lights are flickering, first check the bulb to see if it’s loose. If it is not loose you must call an electrician as quickly as possible. If the reason for flickering lights is an impending electrical fire, then you must get help from an . Going for an electrician who is far away will be of no benefit to you. 

Keep an eye out for these signs. If you are able to identify them early on, you might be able to save yourself from a lot of damage.