5 Quick Changes for a Fast Home Sale

Most people spend months or even years planning to sell their house. They might have a timeline in mind and a list of renovations they’d like to make before putting their home on the market. 

However, as many of us know, not everything goes to plan. You might need to sell your home much quicker than you anticipated, which means you have to make as many changes as possible within a short timeframe. Fortunately, there are plenty of options at your disposal, such as these below: 

Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

When you’re in the middle of working out how to sell your house quickly in Arizona, it can be worth toying with the idea of fresh paint. Even though investors offering cash for properties don’t typically need you to make any renovations, having fresh paint may increase your property’s value on the open market. 

Homeowners may also appreciate that paint is one of the most inexpensive home renovations you can undertake with next to no experience. Just two coats over dull, dated walls can give any room in your home a new lease on life. 

Rejuvenate Kitchen Cabinetry

Not everyone has tens of thousands of dollars to spend on a new kitchen. When you need to sell your house quickly and move on, a simple rejuvenation can make a considerable difference to its appeal. 

You can paint kitchen cabinets in a color of your choice and even buy special benchtop paint for laminate surfaces. Changing the handles of your cabinetry can also make your kitchen look almost brand new

Focus on Landscaping

As much as the interior of your home contributes to a sale price and a fast sale, so can your landscaping. Something as simple as adding mulch to your gardens, edging, trimming hedges, and mowing lawns may make more of a difference than you might think. 

Since most homeowners own at least a few essential landscaping and lawn care tools, this task is one that tends to cost very little yet can have a considerable impact. 

Replace Bathroom Caulking

It might seem like a unique and unnecessary change to make, but in some situations, refreshing the caulking in your bathroom can make it appear much fresher and cleaner. Over time, caulking can become discolored, cracked, and brittle. It can also become a haven for mold and mildew. 

Removing old caulking and replacing it with new stuff can solve this problem while also potentially reducing the risk of water damage in the future for you or prospective purchasers. 

Change Flooring

While you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars installing new carpeting and high-quality tiles, there is value in making small changes in parts of your home like laundries and bathrooms. The market is full of low-cost flooring that you can install yourself, which means any old, worn vinyl can be replaced with something far more modern and fresher. 

When you sell to property investors, there’s often no need to go over the top with changes, especially when you’re looking for a fast, effortless sale. However, if you still hope to get as much money for your home as possible, these few changes above might be how you do it.

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