How to make Sausages with a Meat Grinder

Are you a cook and love to try new recipes or are you someone who loves to eat different types of food? People love eating things like sausages, especially during breakfast or in fast food like hot dogs. Most people purchase frozen ones but a much healthier option is to buy them at home.

Making sausages at home with a meat grinder

 Constantly buying sausages can be bad for your physical health. Are you trying to find the best way to make sausages at home using a meat grinder but don’t know the entire process? Below are all the steps to make your sausages:

Gather the proper kitchen utensils

To cook anything, you first need to have the proper kitchen utensils. First of all, learn about everything you’ll require while making your sausages and make sure you have all of it.

A meat grinder is extremely necessary while making sausages and you cannot work without it. If you plan to purchase it, you can find one that fits your requirements at

Get all the ingredients

You cannot work without the proper ingredients while cooking. This includes pork shoulder, fat, sugar, salt, toasted fennel seeds, nutmeg, parsley, vinegar, garlic, and sherry. You can find the correct amounts and add them according to your taste.

The temperature of ingredients and utensils

There is a certain temperature your ingredients should be at. The meat you use should be extremely cold so store it in the freezer beforehand.

You’ll also need to store all your utensils in the refrigerator beforehand as well if you want your sausages to turn out perfectly then click on Bestbargains.

Make sure you have enough time

Cooking is not an easy task and to make the perfect dish, you need to be willing to spend enough time on it. It might take you a few hours to finish the entire process of making sausages so be patient with it.

Cut the fat and meat and add spices

Put a metal bowl on top of some ice. Start cutting your meat and fat in chunks but make sure that your fat chunks are smaller than the meat ones.

Once you are done with cutting everything into chunks, add in most of the spices you have, which include sugar and salt. Give it all a good mix. While you do this, mix some dry sherry with sherry vinegar and cool it in the fridge.

Use your meat grinder

Once the mix you created has chilled, use your cold meat grinder. To make sausages, you first need to grind the meat course, let it chill for a while, and finally grind it again with the help of a fine die.

Push all the mixture you’ve already made into the grinder. Do this as quickly as you can and let it chill in the freezer again for a while. Once this is done, you can add the sherry and the rest of the spices and mix them well.

Cook the sausages

Your mixture is ready and now all that’s left is to give the sausages their shape. You can roll the sausages into round balls and flatten them a little. When you’re ready to eat them, cook them in a skillet on medium fire until they turn brown.


So, what are you waiting for?
Prepare all the ingredients and get the proper utensils today to make the best sausages at home. You won’t have to worry about bad quality adversely affecting your physical health.  
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