Svitlana Antonovich: A source of inspiration

Svitlana Antonovich is a popular name in the field of interior designing. She uses her talent by teaching other people in the form of masterclasses and then donates the money she earns to charity. She held a master class in January, and by using her earnings, she helped Pugachev Psychoneurological orphanage in the Zhytomyr region.

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What is taught in her workshop?

In her workshop, Svitlana Antonovich teaches her students how to initiate a designing project. She further teaches her students how to workspace, texture, and lightening effectively. She also ensures that her students know how to design different places such as houses, yacht, planes, etc.

Svitlana Antonovich also keeps in mind the ongoing problems in the world. Therefore, in her recent masterclass, she told her students about the industry of interior design was influenced due to the global pandemic and how they should work in this situation.

Her masterclasses are never about impressing big shot clients or using fancy things. It teaches people how to design a perfect space for their clients, keeping their needs and wants in mind. She tells her students to create spaces where their clients can live comfortably.

What does Svitlana Antonovich think?

Svitlana Antonovich believes that every interior designer should question their clients before starting their project. This helps them understand what their client wants, and hence they are able to satisfy the clients.

According to Svitlana Antonovich, she looks at all the spaces she designs as tiny spaces where every nook and cranny has to be covered. She believes an interior designer should be a visual master. She says that she uses mirrors in all her projects, this is because they work as a perfect expanding tool.

The designer believes that lightning is the real game-changer. She tells people to work with natural lightening or use different lamps and lights to enhance the lighting of a room.

How does she work?

Svitlana Antonovich designs interiors for different industries such as cars, helicopters, yacht, etc. In recent times she was asked to design a private helicopter cabin. She stated that she studied the interests, preferences, hobbies, etc., of her client for this project.

This helped her design the perfect cabin, keeping in mind what the client enjoys. This project was designed by creating a modern and sporty helicopter. It had various technological features to ensure the comfort of the passengers!

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