Eyewash shower combo – A detailed overview

Eyewash shower combo is the essential entity for eye safety. A safety device used in factories or laboratories to provide emergency relief to those who became exposed to hazardous substances or chemicals is an eye shower. It typically takes the place of a showerhead and an eyewash station united into a single unit. Read more about eye showers on Energinyheter.

Eyewash shower components 

The eyewash component is meant to remove any foreign chemicals or irritants in the eyes with an even stream of water. It typically has two nozzles that handle a controlled spray of refreshing water into both eyes at the exact time. In the case of a chemical-related incident or exposure, the shower component serves to rinse the entire body. It typically has a huge shower head with an expansive spray pattern that extends over a larger area.


Eyewash shower combos frequently operate by a handle that can be pulled or foot pedal, allowing users with quick and easy access to the essential water supply. They typically link to a pipeline supply of water and could include a drain in order for secure disposal of water that is tainted. The pull pedal should be in the convenient position that an individual in trouble can operate it easily. 

Kinds of eyewash shower combo 

The first type of eyewash shower combo is wall mounted. This kind consists of an eyewash station and a showerhead, which is frequently mounted on a wall. It is meant to provide immediate eye and body flushing in the event that there are chemical showers or other chemicals that are dangerous.

The second type is a portable eyewash combo. This particular kind is portable and can be used in a wide range of situations. It tends to come with a portable eyewash station with an integral showerhead, allowing for fast and straightforward access to emergency flushing.

The last type is a combination of an eyewash station with an emergency shower. This kind of eyewash shower combo involves an emergency shower and an eyewash station in just one unit. It is frequently utilized in areas where there is a greater chance of hazardous substance exposure, such as laboratories or manufacturing facilities. This combo provides an entire emergency response solution, allowing for fast cleansing of the eyes and body in an instance of an accident or chemical exposure.

Activation requirements 

There are certain requirements for the activation of the shower combo. The following have become common activation criteria when using an eyewash shower combo:

The water is the fundamental requirement for the shower system. The eyewash fountain should link to a reliable and secure water supply. The water supply must have a sufficient pressure and flow rate that it can efficiently wash the eyes and body. Continuous supply of water ensures the thorough rinsing of contaminants. Next they need to be openly accessible and positioned fairly far away from any potential dangers or areas where eye or body injuries might happen. Workers should reach the shower system in seconds to save them from serious injuries. An eyewash shower combo’s flow rate usually ranges from 2.5 to 20 gallons of water per minute (GPM). According to the maker and model of the eyewash shower, the specific flow rate might differ. It is essential that the flow rate fulfills the requirements stipulated in safety standards and regulations.

Moreover, the shower system should be visible to the employees. A proper sign board should be fitted near the location of the shower combo. To promote easy identification during an emergency, they must be prominently marked with prominent lettering or advertising. Also, the surrounding area of the shower combo must be empty. The location adjacent to the combo shower must be free of any blockages or obstacles that might keep the device from using quickly in an emergency.

Regular maintenance – Eyewash shower combo

Another requirement for combo showers is inspection and maintenance. To make sure that your eyewash shower combo is in good working order, it should be inspected, examined, and maintained on a regular basis. Checking for leaks, ensuring suitable water flow, and restoring any worn-out parts constitutes every part of the entire procedure. Finally, training is the most important aspect for the activation of the shower system. Employees or those who may be in danger of eye or body injuries should give instruction on how to utilize the shower combo efficiently and securely. Routine training sessions should be given to make workers familiar with the showers system.

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Servicing and maintenance

Eyewash showers have to be maintained and repaired on occasion to ensure successful operation and following safety regulations. Here are a few suggestions for maintaining and servicing eyewash showers:

Eyewash shower combo

Regular inspection is crucial for the service and maintenance. Inspect the eyewash shower on a regular basis to look for any apparent harm, leaks, or signs of normal wear and tear. Check for issues with the faucets for showers pipes, valves, and fittings. Furthermore, make sure the flushing system is functional and there is no obstruction in flow of water. Flush the eyewash shower on frequently to get rid of any soil or debris that remains in the pipes. Flushing helps to maintain the water’s flow clear and unhindered.

The optimal temperature is beneficial for the maintenance of the shower combo. Verify that the water temperature remains within the limits specified. To prevent further eye injury, eyewash showers will provide lukewarm water, which is usually between 60°F (16°C) to 100°F (38°C). Along with temperature, pressure of water plays an important role in decontamination. Ensure that the water flow is high enough for the eye wash shower to operate properly. Low water pressure can reduce the shower’s capability for offering a sufficient amount of water.

Additionally, the inspection and testing should be arranged for maintenance purposes. Inspect the shower combo on regular intervals to ensure it works properly. Also, this includes independently connecting the eyewash and shower places to make sure proper water pressure and flow. However, verify arrangements the temperature of the water is within the limits set by law. After inspection or testing, cleaning of the shower should be done. These showers must be rinsed out on a constant plan to get rid of any particles, dust, or toxic substances that may have collected on the tackle. In order to abolish any deposit, use gentle soap or cleaning chemical as bound for by the producer and methodically rinse. 

Make sure the activation system is operating correctly. Look over the eyewash shower’s opening device to make certain it is easily easy to get to and working correctly. Also, In an urgent situation, the foundation generated or lever must be easy to get to and activate. Further check the drainage system to make it free from any obstruction. Make sure the system for drainage to guarantee it is free of obstruction and functioning appropriately. Water doesn’t pool in the order of the eyewash shower due to suitable drainage, diminishing the danger of slip and diminishing.


In termination, the eyewash shower combo is a rapid and successful explanation for urgent situation eye and body distillation. Also, it provides an easy method to allow folks to clean their eyes. Moreover, bodies after being revealed to an element or unfamiliar material. The immediate use of an eye wash station and a shower in one piece of equipment allows people to speedily and professionally rinse their eyes and body at the same time, dropping the risk of subsequent damage or experience. Overall, this is an excellent attachment to any industry or capability where there is a risk of dangerous substance experience to the eyes or body.