How Air Scrubbers Eliminate Viruses

Have you heard of air scrubbers? Would you invest in something that will improve your general health, protect your household from viruses and improve your livelihood? 

If you answered “Yes,” an air scrubber might be right for you. In essence, these devices remove the majority of air pollutants where they are installed. 

In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about air scrubbers so that you can finally come to decide if you’re willing to take the cost for long-term savings.

If you’re ready to learn about the miracle of filtration and pollutant elimination, then keep reading for information you don’t want to miss. 

What Are Air Scrubbers?

Air scrubbers are a negative filtration system, usually in the form of a purifier or fan. Manufacturers of such devices believe that 99.9% of pollutants can be removed from the air. Not only does an air scrubber purify the air, but it also disinfects surfaces within the room.

In most cases, the device is attached to the HVAC and uses several methods to clean the air. When the AC is turned on, the air is passed through the dioxide-coated titanium honeycomb matrix. As the air moves through the filter, it’s exposed to UV light to eliminate airborne bacteria.

Unlike a regular filter that traps pathogens and germs, scrubbers eliminate them. Advanced scrubbers convert pathogens into oxidizers. The scrubbers get sent into the air and kill germs that they meet in the airspace.

That’s how surfaces get disinfected within the home. The scrubbers are active and they can remove most bacteria, gases, fungi, mold, etc. The scrubbers/charged ions can go into textured materials and kill germs there.

Some scrubbers have ozone tech that actively removes odors in the locale. Air scrubbers used by specialists in the real estate industry and renovation business get rid of dust, mold, and pathogens to improve the general air quality. 

In fact, air scrubbers were used during the 9/11 cleanup of the Pentagon to remove the pollutants and dust.

Why Should You Own One?

Air scrubber devices are significantly more powerful than regular HVAC filter systems when it comes to destroying airborne pathogens. Air cleaners can remove 90%+ of pollutants in the local air within 30 minutes. 

HVAC systems are great for capturing dust and dirt in the air, but that’s about it. Scrubbers can remove minute organisms, as well as remove odors and mold. Using air fresheners covers the smell and adds more pollutants to the air.

Scrubbers freshen the odors naturally by removing odors. The ions that scrubber systems eliminate bacteria that cause an odor that comes from foods or pets. They also combat the natural smells that come from cooking.

Scrubbers are also great for households in which people have asthma or allergies as they can remove all irritants. When the air is light and fresh, people will sleep and breathe better. Wellbeing and good health is another side effect of home air scrubbers.

Not to mention, air scrubbers extend the general longevity of an HVAC system. Rather than capturing air pollutants, scrubbers kill them. This gives the HVAC system space to operate at full function without obstruction. 

A home air scrubber will directly reduce HVAC maintenance and electricity bills as well because the effects last for a long time.

Do They Work?

In general, indoor environments are prone to three distinct kinds of pollutants. They are volatile organic compounds, particulates, and living organisms. Particles are pollen, dirt, dander, and chemicals. VOCs are smoke, odor, and vapor.

Living organisms are mold, bacteria, viruses, and mildew. Air purifiers are proven to remove from peer-reviewed study 99% of these pollutants. Air scrubbers eliminate dust, dirt, mold, and bacteria, resulting in fewer allergies, diseases, and better air. 

In essence, having an air scrubber will result in a better living environment and reduce the possibility of the household becoming exposed to viruses.

How Much Does It Cost?

The installation of an air scrubber system can cost about $1000-2000. The final amount that you will end up paying will depend on the complexity of your HVAC and the size of your home. However, if you’re not interested in having an air scrubber, consider the cost of not having one.

It might seem like a big investment, but it will save you lots of money in the future. An air scrubber will help in removing pollutants that will hurt your HVAC and ruin your overall health.

Scrubbers will reduce electricity bills, HVAC maintenance costs, and medical bill occurrences. 

Some HVAC systems do not accommodate the installation of an air scrubber, so that might also eat into your costs if you have to replace your existing system. And if you don’t HVAC at all, that’s also going to cost you to have it installed.

As a final note, the cost of your air scrubber installation will be entirely dependent on your current circumstances.

Household Content For You

Now that you know what air scrubbers are and what they can do, you are that much closer to deciding if you would like to invest in one. In any case, there’s really no rush and it takes time to install one. Do your research and be diligent with your decision. 

An air scrubber is a great investment for the short and long term. Don’t miss out on this simple change to improve your health and wealth.

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