Inspire Productivity In Your Home Office With These 6 Design Tips

Do you work remotely as a freelancer and want to set up your home office? Or you’re a regular 9-5 but want to dedicate some space for your office-related activities? Whatever the case, you deserve more than a metal chair and an uncomfortable chair stuffed into a spare room. Why is this so? Having a home office that reflects your house’s design and style is a place you’ll want to burn the midnight oil. Generally, many people neglect their home offices, driving them to work anywhere but in the office, like in the bed or kitchen. Here are six tried and tested home office ideas interior designers recommend to help you improve your space.

Incorporate Some Outdoor View

Try and position your desk to look at something more interesting when you glance up from the computer. Don’t just stare at a blank wall. As humans, our brains are visually wired to appreciate more natural light and colorful environments. Consider this desk if you’re looking for something more aesthetically pleasing and place it near a window. But if you’re in a windowless room, hang wall art above the desk.

Additionally, position your office setup to face the door. This way, you avoid staring at a cringe dark wall, and instead, you have an exciting view ahead of you. Remember: don’t get too distracted away from your work.

Personalize and Add Accessories

Don’t compromise on style. Remember, you’re not just working from any place but from your home. The best part about this is that you’re free to choose how you want your home office to look and feel. Home improvement experts recommend matching your home office design with your homes’ interior. Do you have some elements that inspire you, such as artwork pieces or family photos? Incorporate these personal touches when planning your home office design. They will help improve your productivity and illuminate your day, making you feel at home.

Tap into Nature

You have a lot to rely on other than technology in the design of your home office. Because of this, try and add some bits of nature into your home. Plants give life to your space. They also remind you that another realm exists outside of your home. A growing body of research shows increased psychological benefits in people who place plants in their workstations. Greens and blues, mostly found in nature, have been shown to reduce stress levels. Over time, this creates a calm and comfortable working environment. Having a plant to rest your eyes on can provide the ideal break.

Colors Speak Volumes

The color you choose can make or break your overall home office appearance. Again, when it comes to what colors to choose, it’s down to personal preference. However, colors in the blue spectrum are said to be the most soothing. A soft shade of blue keeps you calm and helps in concentration. Additionally, a strong blue encourages clear thought and keeps you alert. You can also choose brighter hues such as orange and yellow which help spark energy and creativity. However, be careful as they can also increase nervousness. While darker hues look more elegant, they are less stimulating and can make you more tired and less determined to work.

Have Your Tech Needs in Mind

Your desk goes hand in hand with your tech needs. Why? For instance, if you position your desk in the middle of the room, you need to safely think about how you’ll run your electric cables. Consider buying a power pack for charging your home office gadgets. Imagine a scenario where your laptop powers off in the middle of a Zoom session; it doesn’t sound too good.

Additionally, have a wireless desk lamp that allows wireless charging if the lights go dark on you. Finally, consider your power points needs and where you want cables to go. This means you need to factor in computers, lighting, TV, music system, and charging points.

Think Outside the Office

Even the tiniest home office can be furnished through better organizational solutions. However, be careful not to embrace a corporate-like office setup for your home office. That being said, try and maximize your vertical footage by adding floating shelves and installing cabinets up the wall. This way, you can access everything you need with the stretch of an arm.

With these six tips, you can start decorating your office today. Decorating your office doesn’t have to be daunting. No. It’s that simple. Once you have the essentials – a lamp, chair, and a desk – you’re good to go. Next, enjoy the process of adding contemporary pieces that resonate with your style and preference. Enjoy!

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