3 Creative Housewarming Gift Ideas that will Always Work

In moments when your friend finally got married and is moving to a new house, or your roommate decided to move into a different home in the country, you probably want to celebrate with them in their new homes and the best way to celebrate the milestone is to bring them a unique and useful housewarming gift. When people move into new houses, they are swamped with all the things they need to do and buy to make their new house livable. 

A thoughtful housewarming gift would be something they would most likely forget to buy or maybe they want it but don’t have the money to pay for it. Here are 3 creative housewarming gift ideas that your friends will love and make use of them.

  1. Kitchen Gifts

Anyone who loves to be in the kitchen knows a couple of things of different sizes they need to cook or prepare a meal. When you move into another house, you may forget some of these things and it feels nice when you receive them from a friend as a gift.


Though kitchenware is one of the main things that everyone buys to be able to cook, some of these items can slip your mind. A set of cookware products with bright colors and beautiful design makes an extremely amazing gift idea and your friends will love it and use the cookware set more than their regular cookware. If you don’t want to get a whole set, you can alternatively get them a skillet or a stylish pan.

Small Appliances

When you are overwhelmed with buying kitchen appliances, you will most likely overlook buying small appliances that can be very useful to you. To bring your friends a housewarming gift they will love, you can opt for an electric kettle, rice cooker, air fryer, instant pot, or a waffle maker. Additionally, you would want your friends to prepare a nice meal using these appliances when you get to visit them again.

Kitchen Accessories

As the saying goes “it’s the little things that matter the most”, little things matter and are applicable to the kitchen too. A cute set of salt and pepper shakers paired with a customized cutting board would give the kitchen a unique style. Your friends would also love a unique drink dispenser, a bottle opener in the shape of a key, or a set of cups with funny writings or paintings on them.

  1. Decor

The decoration of the house is what gives the place a unique personality. You need to know what your friend likes or what their style is in order to bring them a gift that suits their personality, something that they would be proudly showing in their house.

Potted Plants

Everyone likes greenery and your friend would really appreciate a potted plant as a gift. Depending on their style and personality, you can bring them a bouquet of flowers in a simple glass vase, an empty floral vase, a potted plant in a stylish pot, or even a money tree to welcome wealth into their new home.

Welcome Mat

People always remember to have a doormat when they welcome their first new guests. Save your friends the panicked trip to buy a mat by giving them a welcome mat as a gift. According to mat specialists at https://ultimatemats.com/, a customized mat is more well-received and used than a generic one. If you want to go the extra mile, you can get them an anti-fatigue mat or snow and ice-melting mats if they live in an area with snowy weather.

Wall Hangings

Wall hangings create an ambiance in the house based on your friend’s style and type. These wall hangings are the most versatile type of decoration as they range from wall art and paintings to rugs and African masks. However, this kind of housewarming gift can be a bit tricky as some wall hangings may not go well with other decorations around the house. You have to know what art style your friends are into and maybe ask for their opinion before buying one.

  1. Food and Drinks

Food and drinks are traditional housewarming gifts inspired by European cultures. These traditions have spread all over the world and each type of food or drink prepared for a housewarming party has a deeper meaning behind it so it’s important to choose the right food or drink to deliver a certain message to the new homeowners.

Olive Oil

Olive oil makes a perfect housewarming gift as many people won’t spend money even on a single bottle or just forget to buy one. There are various health benefits of olive oil and it is widely used in many recipes. This type of oil can be expensive but gifting a bottle of olive oil to someone means you’re wishing the new home and family good health and well-being according to the traditions.


Wine is a classic housewarming gift that you can never go wrong with. You can bring your friends their favorite label or a bottle of wine you think they will like. You can pair the bottle with a set of regular or customized wine glasses. Additionally, the meaning of bringing wine to new homeowners that you wish them joy and never go thirsty. Your friends will love this gift as a way to wind down after the chaos of moving in.

Food Basket

You can find numerous food basket ideas for new homeowners that will sate their hunger after their move-in. The basket can contain different types of food, whether fruits, bread, cookies, rice, sugar, or any type of food you think your friend may not have at the moment. The basket can also contain a collection of their favorite sauces or spices. Add some personal quotes to lift up their spirits and they will likely appreciate the gift more as if it was DIY.

Gifts with meanings have a deeper impact on the receiver and they will cherish them for quite a long time. You don’t have to spend serious cash to show that you are happy for them; a customized gift that is personal can be more well-received. Housewarming gifts are made to ease the burden on new homeowners as they are overwhelmed with the effort and expenses of making a new home for them. That’s why these gifts must have a meaning and proper use in their new home, even if it was a simple decoration item or a doormat.

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