How do You Grow Succulents Indoors?

Are you someone planning to grow succulents indoors? Planting succulents indoors is not very different from growing other plants in pots. Their unique forms and shapes, and tolerance of low humidity, moderate light, and weeks of neglect make it a great ornamental object for your house.

Keeping their tolerance level and needs in mind, certain things needed to be taken care of while growing succulents indoors. They are:


Select an Appropriate Succulent:

Before growing succulent, you must choose which succulent would be suitable based on your indoor conditions. Many succulents prefer direct lighting, but if your house has mostly shaded corners, then go for low-light-tolerant plants. 

If you have a south-facing room, suppose about split rock succulent growing and care tips for nourishing them with proper care. Hence, it is better to read the plant levels in accordance to determine the spread of your succulents, sunlight needs, and size.

Right Container is Must:

It is essential to choose the appropriate container for growing succulents indoors. While repotting, make sure to opt for a container containing a drainage hole and one to two inches larger than the nursery container. 

Also, try to avoid glass containers like terrariums or mason jars as a potting solution for a longer run. This is because they don’t allow roots to breathe, which results in rotten roots over time. 

Also, remember to fill the one-third portion of the containers with a pre-moistened potting mix from the bottom. Then position your succulent inside the container and then backfill it with more of the mix.

Provide a Well-Draining Potting Medium:

Generally, in nurseries, these succulents get planted in soil, which is too rich to retain too much moisture. Thus, report it as soon as you come home. Better to begin with a coarse potting mix that has good aeration and drainage. 

You can even add pumice or perlite with specific succulent mix for preventing compaction and improving drainage. Make sure to wet the mix before putting it in accordance to assure the moisture is even.

Find the Best Sunny Spot:

Since the succulents require a minimum of six hours of sunlight per day, so find the best sunny spot available at your house. As you might notice that your succulents are getting spindly or either stretch towards the light if sunlight is scarce. 

Generally, while potting succulent outdoors, they require six hours of indirect, bright sunlight. But it gets difficult indoors. Thus you can prefer any east or south-facing location where there is appropriate sunlight for your succulent.

Let the Mix Dry Between Watering:

Many people often make mistakes by overwatering their succulents. It is good to water them more, but make sure you do it less often. While ensuring the water flows properly out of the drainage, make sure to saturate the potting mix firmly. 

Along with that, remember to let the mix dry out a bit before watering it the next time. It is because if the mix remains consistently wet every time, it can lead to the plant’s death.

Fertilize Your Succulents:

If it’s springtime, then provide additional benefits to your succulents by fertilizing them. However, adopt a balanced and all-purpose water-soluble fertilizer that is diluted to half the power as suggested over the package. 

But make sure to fertilize it a minimum once a year. However, if you notice the beginning of new growth in spring, then fertilize it once then and then again in the late summer. Also, strictly avoid fertilizing succulents in winter while they are semi-dormant.


These are some of the basic as well as important tips for those urging to grow succulents indoors. It might sound a bit complexing, but you don’t know it unless you do it. Thus, hop out and go for it if you have been planning to nurture a new life in your house.

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