Top 6 Reasons to Get a Home Water Filter

Clean water is a necessity when it comes to living a clean and healthy life. You use tap water for cooking, showering, washing your clothes, and drinking, and that means that you need the cleanest water possible to come from your faucets. While your water these days is treated to remove harmful bacteria, there are still many types of bacteria, chemicals, and natural contaminants that can make their way into your home’s water supply. 

One way to help mitigate any harmful effects from these contaminants is to get a home water filter and replace your filter every three to six months according to your brand specifications. For example, if you’ve invested in a Whirlpool filtration system, you’d invest in the Whirlpool whole house water filter every few weeks. These types of filters ensure that, no matter where in the house you are, your water will be as clean as possible. Here are the top six reasons to get a home water filter.


1: Protect The Environment

With water that tastes better, you’re less likely to resort to buying plastic bottled water. Not only will this save you money, since bottled water comes with a hefty markup, you’ll be protecting the environment as well. You’ll be keeping plastic, which sticks around for around 450 years in landfills, out of your trash can. You’ll also be cutting down your support for the corporations that buy up massive amounts of water that could be put to better use farming or in the local area rather than sitting in environmentally unfriendly bottles on supermarket shelves.

2: Safer Drinking Water

No matter how careful water treatment plants are, there’s never harm in having another step in your process to ensure that your drinking water is as safe as it can possibly be. Not only will you get rid of impurities from the pipes of your city or town and your home, you’ll also be able to filter out some of the chemicals that are put in the water to kill off harmful bacteria but are never filtered out on the water treatment plant’s end. While these chemicals aren’t harmful per say, they are present and won’t help your health.

3: Care for Your Skin

There are many impurities in your water that can aggravate your skin. From fluoride and chlorine that can dry out your skin to heavy metals and minerals that can aggravate acne, there are multiple ways that unfiltered water can cause your skin to not be as healthy as it could be. Water filters will ensure that these impurities will be out of your water. Your skin will thank you.

4: Reduce Plumbing Repair

Another way having a water filter will help you save money is in reducing the likelihood of needing expensive plumbing repairs. All those impurities, such as heavy metals, minerals, and chemicals, can damage your pipes and the rest of your plumbing system. The damage can even extend to home appliances such as your washing machine and dishwasher. This means that you will save money on your plumbing bills in the long run and won’t have to worry as much about your water-based appliances breaking down.

5: Get Cleaner Clothes

Have you ever seen unexplainable white spots or random fading on your clothes? Do your clothes smell musty or metallic? This may be because of the chemicals in unfiltered tap water, which will leave deposits in your clothes. This causes them to smell. Unfiltered tap water can also cause a multitude of items to build up soap scum over time, since the less clean water will be less effective in washing away soap. This is often the source of white spots and uneven fading on your clothes.

6: Reduce Risk of Disease

While water treatment plants are safer and more effective than ever, they are not infallible, and this is another case where it’s better to be safe than sorry. Many parasites and microscopic organisms can be found both in water sources and in the pipes bringing you your water. Having a home water filter on your end, therefore, will reduce your risk of gastrointestinal disease from these parasites and organisms.

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