Purchase the Right Height of Bed to Improve your Comfort and Quality of Sleep

Mattress plays an important role in giving you the right posture for your entire life. Often people neglect its maintenance, and within a short span of time, their mattress is damaged. You will see lumps, sags and hear squeaky noise if it has springs in it. Uneven mattresses can always become difficult for others because that can misalign your spine and can create various joint related problems in future. 

Here are few symptoms that can indicate your mattress requires replacement –

  • When you wake up at dawn, there is slight stiffness in your body parts like neck, back and shoulder which goes away after a few stretches. 
  • While sleeping at night, you feel uneasy and keep tossing to get a comfortable position. 
  • Late night you somehow realize that you’re feeling hot and you’ve been sweating a lot. 
  • Whenever you try to sleep sideways, you always get imbalanced and roll to centre. 
  • While lying on bed you almost sneeze every night and there is a foul smell in your mattress that disturbs you a lot. 
  • When you lie or rise from bed your bed starts breathing by making squeaky noise indicating that there was too much pressure to handle. 
  • After late hours when you stand up from bed, you can see the place where you were lying or sitting is still dense and is taking time to come back to its normal position. 

When any of these problems disturb you, then you need to buy a replacement of your mattress. Not all mattresses are meant for all individuals. If you sleep sideways, then you cannot take a firm mattress because that will hurt your shoulder, but if you sleep on your stomach, then you need a gentle firm mattress that will not only keep your joints firm, but will give them slight bend for a gentle feeling. 

Hence, when you plan to replace a worn-out mattress, then check Newsweek to find the latest mattress from different brands. Whether it is expensive or inexpensive, they are always unbiased with their reviews. Since they understand the significance of sleep in an individual’s life thus, they provide details of sleeping products available in the market. 

When people buy a bed, they just pay attention to its structure, design and best quality mattress. If bed has smart technology, then nothing is better than that. However, one thing that most of us forget to observe is the correct height of the mattress. Not many of us know that it isn’t only the foam and coil, but also the height of the mattress from bed base and floor that provides you the value of sleep and comfort to your body. 

Just the mattress’s comfort while sleeping on it isn’t only determined, but you should also find out if you are able to get in or out of bed when your mattress is laid on it. This is an important factor for all individuals and not only you.

If you have kids at home and they sleep separately, then you can’t set up a mattress at a long height. This can make it complicated for your kids to get down from it. They can fall from bed while getting down. While asleep, if they roll to the corner of bed any time they might fall which will hurt badly because the mattress was at a good height from floor. 

Apart from that, you don’t want every time to help your kid get in the bed by holding them by their arms. If their mattress isn’t at their moderate height, then for every activity they will need assistance. 

Similarly, for senior citizens, a mattress at moderate height is also important. If you keep their mattress higher, their feet will hang in air which will increase numbness in their legs and they can fall while walking. Some citizens aren’t able to get out from bed on their own and always need support. If they try to get down from a height, they might hurt their feet and bones which are now quite delicate. 

Here are some more proper reasons of buying a bed and mattress at a moderate height –

  • Your bed should be comfortable and should not put strain on your muscle while getting on and off from it. When you move back and forth, your feet and it brushes the floor, then that is the perfect height for you. 
  • Proper height of bed will prevent aged people from tumbling down on the floor because when they lie for long hours, their entire body is relaxed and it needs a lot of energy to get up on their feet instantly. 
  • If your bed is at a lower level then chances of dust and mites increase on your mattress since it is in contact with the floor. This can increase allergies and infection in your house. 
  • The height of bed should also match the construction and décor of your room. For example, if your room’s ceiling is high, then your bed needs to be at a moderate height, but if your room is small or ceiling is quite low, then a low level bed gives a larger look to your room. 

Here are some guides to help you buy correct altitude of mattress –

  • To understand better, you should always sit on an 18 inches of dining chair. You wouldn’t get up from it without the help of arm rest or by straining your knees. Same is with the mattress, if it puts tension on your knees when you try to rise from bed then it isn’t right for you. 
  • If you wish your bed to be at a height more than expected then before buying it, try sitting on a bar stool that is at 30 inches of height. If you feel as if you’re sitting on a roof or on the highest peak of the tree, then you will never feel sturdy when getting out and in your bed. 

Once you know the height that is moderate for you, and then visit NewsWeek to know the latest models of mattress in the market. They have proper description and analysis of all products that are related to sleep science. You will never get a biased review from them and if you’re lucky, then you might also get one of your best mattresses on sale on their site. 

You have always dreamt of providing your family a comfortable life. You have spent endless money on the best car with comfortable seats and proper leg room space. Home that you bought had enough rooms to fit in your family members and to give them their privacy. Then why compromise on their health when you know an uneven mattress or wrong selection of foam can spoil their sleep and make their spine handle a lot of stress? 

Sleep is an important part of our life. Without sleeping properly, you cannot drive with alertness, you cannot pay attention to your surroundings, perform well in class and office and of course your relationship with anybody goes for a toss because all you do is get frustrated and feel dull. 

The right kind of bed and mattress can make it appealing to spend more time in your room. If your mattress doesn’t support your body, then you will love to stay on your cushioned sofa for long hours. If you like your friend’s guest room or your sleep well in a hotel room, then you should probably start believing that your mattress requires replacement. 

Every brand provides good long years of warranty, but it is our job to maintain it well so that it doesn’t wear out before warranty. Keep flipping your mattress once or twice a year and use vacuum every week to ensure that it doesn’t smell rotten. Following some homely tips can save you some good amount of money.