What is the Difference Between Commercial and Residential cleaning services 

Make A Clean Sweep

So you’re in the market for a brand new cleaning service. Perhaps the one you had was no longer passing muster, or maybe you have some new responsibilities at home or work, meaning you need a little extra help. Deciding whether to go for residential or commercial janitorial services is a crucial decision to make as there are significant differences between the two options. In this article, we’ll take a look at those key differences and hopefully give you a helping hand in deciding which service will best suit your needs.

Commercial Cleaning Service

A commercial cleaning or janitorial one is one that you would hire if you need your business location cleaned. If you work from home, there’s no need to hire a commercial cleaning company unless your work involves a large amount of space or machinery; a residential one will do just fine. Commercial companies have lots of certifications that allow them to handle tasks that residential services cannot take on. These companies can take on duties like cleaning up hazardous waste, sanitizing, and heavy-duty deep cleaning, to name just a few. Commercial cleaning companies don’t clean better than residential ones; they just do a different kind of cleaning. For example, cleaning an office building will require a few different types of cleaning. You might need a “housekeeper” to handle the kitchen and reception areas, a general cleaner or janitor to handle cleaning desks, windows, walls, carpets, and the like after business hours, and a service that provides sanitization once weekly or as often as needed.

Commercial cleaning companies take on industrial cleaning as well. Suppose your workplace is a workshop or factory floor rather than an office. In that case, a commercial cleaning company can clean your heavily soiled floors and walls, they can clean machinery (when a special permit or education is not required to handle it), and everything else on the factory floor. Industrial strength cleaning products and equipment are necessary to deal with this kind of dirt and grime, which are best handled by professionals.

Some commercial cleaning services have different specializations like post-fire cleanup, construction cleanup, or even cleaning up crime scenes. In addition, there are many particular hazardous waste certifications and other certifications that are required for jobs like this, so be sure to check that the company you choose has all their documentation up to date.

Residential Cleaning Service

As the name implies, a residential cleaning service specializes in cleaning your place of residence.  Unless you have a service like a carpet or upholstery cleaner or someone specializing in power washing or pressure cleaning, a residential cleaning service will offer the basics of home cleaning. Some residential cleaning services offer “housekeeping” duties such as laundry done and ironed or dishes washed. Some even include light cooking in their duties, but that is something that differs from company to company. A residential cleaning service needs to focus on the details and the little things. They need to be thorough enough that you know every ornament has been lifted up, cleaned all over and underneath. Their duties would include things like cleaning windows, vacuuming, washing floors, dusting, cleaning window sills and plug sockets (safely), and other small objects. Using a sanitizing cleaning agent is a must. It might take some time to find the right service or person for you as often, the person doing the cleaning will be sharing a space with you while you work or relax. It’s important to feel comfortable with this person or service, so don’t rush; try as many as you have to.

How to Decide on a Service

The best way is to find review sites or check reviews on the business’s Facebook page or website. Unhappy customers will always make sure people know that the service they received was less than perfect. You could also look for a service by word of mouth; trying a service that has worked well for your friends might be a good idea.

Wrap Up

Now that you know the differences between the two types of cleaning services and a few good ways to select one, you should be well on your way!

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