All you need to know about ordering Custom Furniture

Choosing furniture for a living room is not something to do in a moment. It takes a lot of thought to design the perfect room, one that will be practical, comfortable, and enjoyed by all in the home, and there’s also the issue of available space. The sheer number of furniture makers is amazing and while you may have some idea of your ideal sofa, you’ll still be spoilt for choice.

That’s why we want to talk about custom sofa. Now you probably think this is an expensive route to follow, but in fact it may not be as costly as you believe. Custom sofas can be had for surprisingly sensible amounts, and you get the benefit of an item of furniture unique to your home. What are the factors to consider when choosing custom sofas? Where do you start looking? We’ll begin with a few words about choosing the right size sofa, and why this is vital to your living room design. 

Choose the Right Size

If you are set on going with a custom sofa that link takes you to a manufacturer that has an interesting and innovative range of designs that will serve as inspiration for yours. You may find the ideal sofa for you is there, and the prices are attractive also. So, what is it about size that is so important?

First, your sofa is most likely to be the focus of the room. It will be the one item of furniture that stands out among all. Whether you have a large living space or occupy a smaller home – perhaps a condo or apartment – the size of the sofa in relation to the room is going to make a difference.

A large, three-seater sofa in a small room will dominate the décor. A smaller, two-seater example perhaps with a separate chair will look better. Yet with a larger open space there is scope for a feature custom sofa that is designed as a centerpiece. Let’s move on and look at other areas of inspiration that you can turn to. 

Look for InspirationCustom Furniture

There is a wealth of inspiration on the Internet in the forms of blogs, websites, and magazines, and we recommend strongly that once you have an idea in mind you look at as many sources as you can and see where your idea fits best. You can also visit some of the furniture stores online like as they use virtual room layouts that can also serve as inspiration for your final design.

Look for magazines in the newsagent that are design oriented and take note of the way the furniture is designed and used. If you are going to work with a custom sofa designer, it helps that you can show them some physical ideas that they can work with to bring your dreams to life. Bear in mind that manufacturing processes may require you to make some concessions, but you will get close to your original idea. 

Use Wasted Space

When we talk about interior design we are mainly thinking of the best use of space in a given room. Wasted space is that which is usually ignored in the room plan – a corner here and there, for example – but that a clever designer can make use of. For example, if you have a smaller room to furnish, why not look at having a custom corner fitting sofa made?

This way you can leave the wall areas free for added ideas such as your audio and visual devices, paintings, and mirrors, and even heating implements that may be essential to where you live. Corner sofas work very well in smaller rooms as they occupy space that is usually ignored. There are plenty of options in this choice, but bear in mind that a sofa designed for a specific space will not fit easily in another, so you need to be certain that you want this permanent solution.

Keep It Simple

You want your living room to be simple and stylish and that means clean lines and fresh design. There is no necessity in making a custom sofa over-designed. Indeed, a good custom sofa manufacturer will ensure that the design is simple so that it is affordable to manufacture.

If you want a modern décor – and it is very much the way to go right now – then this sort of design is the way to start thinking. Check out any information on modern furniture and look for ideas that came from the modern movement that still endures 100 years later. Designers in that school of furniture design moved away from traditional styles to simpler, elegant, and easy to make designs that work well in all settings. 

Make it Non-Permanent

Our final suggestion is this: rather than buying a custom sofa that fits one specific space, why not look at the non-permanent options such as custom modular furniture? Designed as a series of interchangeable units that can be arranged in various ways, this style of sofa is becoming ever more popular, especially where space is at a premium. Affordable, fun, and comfortable – not to mention stylish and up to date – is the key to a great custom sofa, and the modular method is one of the best solutions.

We hope you find our ideas interesting and that you take away some inspiration from this short article, so enjoy your custom sofa. 

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