How to Choose the Right Kitchen Cabinet Material

Kitchen cabinets come in a wide array of materials. The design of your kitchen, the theme, and the material of your countertops will all determine which cabinet material is the best for you. 

Before choosing a kitchen cabinet material, consider the material of your countertops. Are they granite, quartz, laminate, or something else? Whatever the countertop material is, it should be able to fully support the weight of your cabinets. Your local contractor should be able to review your kitchen and give you some helpful tips. 

Quartz is a fantastic choice for countertops because it can bear more weight than other stone choices. Quartz also comes in a vast variety of colors and designs, making kitchen cabinet pairing very easy. Visit to learn about all the choices available to you when designing your new kitchen with quartz counters and new cabinets.

What are kitchen cabinets usually made out of? 

Most of your cabinet choices will be from the wood family. These can be solid wood from many different varieties or just wood-based, not completely made out of wood. 

If you have a more modern designed kitchen, opting for glass cabinets may be a good idea. Some people also opt to remodel their kitchen with cabinets made from aluminum. Your choice will depend on your budget and the vibe you want your kitchen to give off. 


The first thing that comes to mind when someone says fiberboard is probably IKEA. Most IKEA furniture is made from fiberboard and is known for its cost-effective qualities. It is largely made of recycled fibers, wax, and resin. A high-pressure system is used to press them together. It does offer some strength but is not as strong as other types of wood.

It is perfect for painting to add a more unique color to your kitchen, just make sure to prime and seal the paint to avoid chipping and peeling. Make sure to keep your home free from humidity and moisture, as fiberboard cabinets can mildew. 


This a solid wood type offering low-cost options. The expense will depend on the grade of plywood you are willing to buy. They range from AA (most expensive) to E (cheapest). The cheaper the grade, the lower quality of the appearance and the strength.

Plywood is made from laminated wood that is then coated with a hardwood veneer. It is one of the most popular options for kitchen building. The higher the grade, the easy it will be for your contractor to make and build beautiful cabinets for you. 


Veneered cabinets are well known for being inexpensive. Most homeowners will use veneers as a way to finish their cabinets, not as a sole building material. 

Veneer can create flat panels by being glued to fiberboard. It will make your cabinets appear lightweight and make them look new for much longer. 


If you are looking for maximum durability, hardwood is the choice for you. Hardwood is completely solid wood and does not have any additives or fillers. Of course, it is also the most expensive. The upkeep is significantly less though and the longevity is much longer. This means less money spent doing remodels in the future even though your upfront cost might be more. 

There are several different types of hardwood to choose from, some can be much cheaper than others. Hickory and maple are the most resistant to scratching and denting. Spruce, beech, pine, oak, and birch also offer amazing durable qualities. 

Darker wood cabinets can make your kitchen appear warmer and cozy, while light wood cabinets can make your kitchen seem larger. 

Either way, hardwood will always make your kitchen looks luxurious and sleek. 


This is the weakest wood cabinet material, but much more inexpensive than the other options. With the low cost though also comes lower quality. It is made from recycled wood parts and finished with laminate, making it super eco-friendly. 

If this material is chosen it should always be kept away from moisture and humidity. 

Aluminum and Stainless Steel 

Some homeowners are straying away from wood altogether because it does not give quite as much of a modern feeling. Wood can often look outdated and wear quickly, making the kitchen look more rustic than modern. 

Stainless steel cabinets are very durable and will give the kitchen a more contemporary vibe. The only con is that they are easily scratched and fingerprints and dirt are very noticeable on them. You will have to ensure sticky hands stay away and that they are kept away from sharp and heavy items. 


Glass cabinets will also provide a modern and chicer look. Glass cabinets are not too expensive, but they give the kitchen a more expensive and luxurious feeling. 

Keep in mind though that everything in the glass cabinet will be visible, this could either be a good thing or a bad thing. If you already own nice-looking, colorful, and pricey china or other cutlery, then glass cabinets would be a perfect way to display them. 

If your dinnerware is old or not very attractive, you will also have to spend money buying these items as well. Glass is also more fragile than its counterparts. 


These cabinets can keep their vibrant colors despite normal wear and tear. Polyethylene is the same material that is used to make common outdoor items such as boat parts and pools. This means they are good for moisture and are resistant to water and humidity. 

Sunlight also does not fade their colors, so if your kitchen has several windows then this may be the best choice. 

Key Takeaways 

The best part about choosing cabinets is the endless options. There is also a solid good option for every budget. Plywood and hardwood are often the most used as they are considered the most durable and will last through the years to come. 

In general, fiberboard and particleboard are among the least durable and may not offer you the coverage you need. Always choose your cabinet material with caution and with advice from your local building company.