All You Need To Know About Pocket Knives

A pocket knife is a simple and effective tool that makes accomplishing daily tasks easy. If you are planning to own a pocket knife, you must get acquainted with certain aspects of a pocket knife. 

There are different features and functions offered that you must understand before getting a pocket knife. The guide on EDC pocket knives shortlists the best products available on the market and describes them in detail. It will provide you a clear understanding of what kind of pocket knife you require.

In this article, we will walk you through crucial factors that make for an ideal pocket knife. You must know what a pocket knife has to offer before actually owning one. So, here is what you should know.

Everything You Need To Know About Pocket Knives

Before owning a pocket knife, you should know about the essential features that ensure superior performance. Here you will get to know all the important things regarding pocket knives. So, let’s have a look at them.

Blade Size And Shape

To perform daily tasks, it is better to get a pocket knife with a blade length not more than three inches. The blade should be thin to allow easy slicing. Since you will carry the knife, it should be lighter, thinner, and smaller for added convenience. 

Further, you will find knife blades in different shapes. Opt for a drop-point shape knife and wide belly that helps you to cut stuff easily. 

Steel Material

There are various steel types offered in a pocket knife. Consider stainless steel when choosing a pocket knife. It is corrosion-resistant that makes maintenance of the knife easy. 

However, a stainless steel blade may be tougher to sharpen compared to high carbon. It depends on your personal preference when choosing the blade material. It is better to go with the one that is durable and resilient.

Handle Material

A knife should feel comfortable in the hand while you use it. The handle should not make your hand slip when wet or dry. It should allow you to work comfortably with the knife and help you accomplish tasks safely. 

The handle of the knife comes in a variety of materials that give it a firm grip. Textured plastic, metal, and antlers are some good knife handle materials that you could consider. 

The textured composite handle material is strong and prevents slipping even if wet. However, knives with textured composite handle cost higher.

Ensure that the handle is big enough to fit in your hand and protect the hand from slipping forward on the blade. The handle should support your hand well and have smooth edges. 


Serrations come in handy when the blade on your knife is blunt. They are useful in cutting the cord or any other such items. However, you cannot sharpen the serrations and they take up much space on your blade. 

A sharp plain edge performs better and is more versatile compared to a serrated one. Serrations cannot match the sharpening of a blade, which makes it less preferable.  

Locking Mechanism

The locking mechanism is one of the most important features. It ensures the pocket knife is carried safely and securely. It keeps the blade open while you are using the knife, ensuring safety.

Consider the one with the simplest design without springs. You may go for a frame lock that is the safest locking mechanism. A part of the frame is folded inward while the blade is open, protecting it from collapsing. The compression lock is also a good locking mechanism that is cheap and functions well.


You will find knives offered at different prices. Some are offered at fairly reasonable pieces, while some are quite expensive. It depends on your usage and personal requirements how much you would want to spend on a knife.

It is better to look for all the essential features in a knife first and consider the price later. Spending more on quality and a durable knife is better and will last for years.  

Bottom Line 

To conclude, owning a pocket knife comes with various benefits. It makes you capable of performing everyday tasks effectively. Hopefully, after going through the article, you have a fair understanding of what pocket knives are and what makes them better. 

The key features that you should consider include, a locking mechanism, blade size and shape, handle grip, and steel material. Having these essential features in your pocket knife will add to safety and convenience.