What should we pay attention to when choosing face recognition turnstile gate

When it comes to access control system, the current popular mainstream is face recognition access control. The intelligent way to realize one face access is favored by users. As the future development trend, face recognition access control system has unique advantages. Of course, face recognition equipment must be combined with access control turnstile gate to achieve effective channel management. Generally speaking, most of the turnstile gate can integrate face recognition devices. Matching face recognition equipment is also a mainstream direction of the development of the turnstile gate in the future.

So what should we pay attention to when we choose face recognition access control system? With face recognition equipment, how can the turnstile gate play a better role and protect the security of our environment? We will consider the problem mainly from the following aspects.

  1. Security: no matter what kind of products, security is always the first consideration. In addition to product quality and use security, Internet security should also be considered. At present, many criminals access restricted areas through interactive instructions or direct attacks have become serious problems. Therefore, when choosing access control turnstile gate security solutions, we should focus on face recognition access control system The safety of the system should be considered. We must choose a professional security turnstile gate supplier with safety and quality assurance, at the same time, we must consider the cost performance, and choose the most suitable glass security turnstiles for our own project.

2. Cost: in addition to safety, cost is generally considered by all engineering companies and users, and it is also a decisive factor that directly affects the selection. Users are very aware that even with advanced technical support, they can only give up when the cost is not allowed. After all, it is really practical to choose the right one for their own project. And when the required products reach a certain scale, it is the most important thing to consider. Mairsturnstile offers a variety of face recognition turnstile gate at the best price.

3. Accuracy: with the continuous improvement of face recognition technology, the accuracy of solutions based on face recognition technology is constantly improving. Take the current mainstream access control and access control face recognition system as an example, although it is inherently intelligent and fast, due to technical limitations, it will still be affected by environmental light, recognition distance and other factors in the aspect of recognition, so the accuracy is also important. As one of the fundamental needs of customers, we need to fully measure the accuracy of a product, which usually includes false acceptance rate (FRR), false alarm rate, recognition rate, false rejection rate (far) and other indicators.

4. Acceptance: all product functions and applications are important to landing projects, and user acceptance is still one of the most important indicators. For example, some users think that fingerprint access control is not hygienic enough, face recognition infringes personal privacy, and so on. Therefore, understanding the user’s acceptance program for products is the key to development and deployment.

5. Trend: according to the market and user demand trend, we can grasp the opportunity wind direction. For example, fingerprint access control is the most popular way in the market when the early face recognition access control has not appeared, but now with the technological breakthrough, the market needs to gradually upgrade to face, so we can grasp the business opportunity only by understanding the trend.