How To Balance Technology With Outdoor Time in Your Family

Spending time with family is essential because it helps build and strengthen the most critical relationships in your life. Parents get a chance to watch children develop, and raising children is an excellent opportunity to see the world through fresh eyes. Children benefit from their parent’s guidance, and siblings and cousins can form bonds that will last a lifetime.

In recent decades, technology’s changed the way people interact and shop, so it’s hardly surprising that it’s also changed family dynamics. If you’re struggling to balance technology time with outdoor time with your family, consider these tips.

Create dedicated outdoor family time.

Camping is a great way to create focused outdoor family time. Invest in a recreational vehicle (RV) you can use for camping trips. When you head to a premier RV park, you’ll enjoy campground amenities such as restrooms, showers, a dog park, laundry, free Wi-Fi, and horseshoe pits.

Whether you enjoy long-distance travel or plan to take a short drive to an RV park in your area, having a motorhome makes it easy to pack what you need and enjoy dedicated family time. Once you’ve set up at a new campsite, take time to explore the park with your family and take children to the playground. Once you’re done exploring, build a fire pit and enjoy dinner outdoors.

Make a deal with your family to limit screen time to appropriate parts of your trip. For example, if you’re driving from Lincoln City to a premier RV resort in North Bend or heading from Clarkston to Eugene, allow family members to enjoy screen time during the drives so they can focus on outdoor time once you arrive at your destination.

Make the most of screen time during bad weather.

When you’re driving to a new RV park, the gamer in your family can indulge their love of Teamfight Tactics (TFT). TFT players don’t just like to play this auto battler game, they also spend time researching TFT comps, learning about new comps, and the types of champions they need to be victorious in their gameplay. When playing Draconic Zyra, gamers may start running Brawlers and introduce Legionnaire, Mystic, and Abomination players later. Many TFT players also enjoy playing League of Legends (LOL) because TFT’s a spinoff of LOL. They may learn to use LOL champs, such as Ashe, Karma, Soraka, Kayle, and Draven.

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Encourage some screen time when it’s raining and you can’t spend quality time outdoors. Oregon gets plenty of rain, and a trip along the Oregon Coast will almost certainly include a rainy day because Lincoln City typically receives precipitation 179 days annually, with an average annual total of 82 inches of rain. Supporting screen time during bad weather is a great way to capitalize on outdoor time when the weather’s nice.

Plan outdoor activities.

You can enjoy quality outdoor time without leaving home. Make regular plans to go horseback riding, hiking, or kayaking. Find and get your kayak accesories here on Outdoor Play. Invest in a fire pit in your backyard so you can have campfires at home and spend family time making s’mores. Putting a picnic table in your yard enables you to eat family dinners outdoors, and you could also install a hot tub, encouraging your family to spend time outside relaxing together.

You can also make a deal with screen addicts in your family, letting them use their devices during dedicated periods each day so they don’t feel like they’re being deprived. You can also encourage family members to take selfies when engaged in outdoor activities and encourage them to create posts featuring photos or videos from outdoor activities your family enjoyed.

Technology’s integrated into most parts of people’s lives. Balancing outdoor family time with technology time is a challenge. Still, you can capitalize on time set aside for outdoor family activities by creating appropriate times to play video games or spend time online.

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