How to Solve the Parking Space Problem

There are more cars on the road than ever before. Owning a car  could be considered essential,  and many of us would be lost without our wheels. Many families have more than one vehicle, and if you’re lucky enough to have your adult kids at home, they may have cars too. An increase in car ownership means an increase in space needed, so how can you utilise your outside space at home or work to accommodate several vehicles?


If your home doesn’t have a garage, it’s worth considering adding one. It is a hefty project, but if you like a challenge and it solves a problem, it would be a beneficial addition to your home. 

You can start the process by deciding what functions your garage will perform. It may be that when it is not housing a car, you could utilise it for other things such as a project space or storage. Another advantage of adding a garage is that it adds value to your home. It will also reduce your car insurance costs. Be sure to contact a professional and discuss plans and designs. 

If you have  space, a stand-alone garage will allow you more flexibility, and you can build to the size you need. A double garage will save space if you need to park two cars. 

There are various frames you can use, such as timber and oak. Be aware that a metal garage may not be aesthetically pleasing and could alter the appearance of your entire home; you will want your garage to complement the existing architecture rather than create an eye sore.  Check with the building standards agency to find out if you need any special permissions to erect your garage, as these rules will differ between states. 

When deciding on sizes, it’s helpful to measure the cars you intend to park in your garage. You do not want to find out too late that your vehicles don’t fit. 

Driveway extension 

If your home or business premises have available space outside, you could consider an extension. Many companies offer block paving solutions at competitive prices. You may already have a driveway or parking area, but it isn’t usable due to years of inclement weather causing wear and tear and rendering it useless. Investing in new paving could help create more space, and the guys over at offer bespoke options that are durable using specialist techniques and cost-effective materials. The right quality materials will provide you with a long-lasting driveway strong enough to withstand all weather. 

There are many things to consider when extending your driveway. Be sure not to limit access to your doorway, and if you need to build over your front garden, try to leave some so it looks nice. You could be creative and add a stretch of the garden on either side of the driveway to create a stylish look.  Getting the size right is crucial if your aim is to increase parking options. Measure the cars that you want to be parked there regularly, and use this as a guide. You should also measure the distance between where your car will be parked and the walkway; you don’t want to be squeezing past a car too tightly or traipsing over your garden borders to get to your front door. If you have ample space to use, you should also decide where the parking area will be in relation to the various rooms in your house. If your living room is at the front with a big front window,  you may not want your car to be the only view; it may also block out the sun affecting the internal feel of your living room. 

You should also consider drainage when constructing your driveway. If your driveway  slopes towards the road, it shouldn’t be a problem as the street drainage will pick up rainwater,  but if it’s flat or sloped towards your house,  you will have to investigate ways of mitigating any excess water. 

If you need a drop kerb for access purposes, you will need permission from the local authority as you may need additional protection added for any water pipes than run underneath. 

Perhaps the most exciting part of creating a driveway is the lighting. You can create some great effects with uplighters or energy-efficient solar lights. Motion sensors are a great option and light up your driveway without the need to leave your car when arriving home. 

Creating more space for parking our cars is a real challenge and a big project, but if you research and plan well, your family’s wheels will soon have a space of their very own. 

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