Boost your property potential: Top 9 tips and tricks to add value to your home

Have you been thinking about selling your home? Do you think there is something that you can add to your home to increase its value or improve the overall appeal? In that case, you should consider spending some money on home improvements before putting your property on the market! We spoke to estate agents in Dulwich, and every agent can agree that home improvements, no matter how big or small, will add value to your home. Here are the top 9 tips and tricks that will add value to your home without burning a hole in your pocket.

1 Paint, paint and paint

Sometimes, all your home needs to look brighter and better is a new coat of paint. You don’t even need to hire professionals, along with your friends and family, who can repaint your whole home. Just one fresh coat of paint on the exteriors and the interiors can make a place look brand new. Try to paint your home a neutral colour such as off white or ivory so that it appeals to a broader range of prospective buyers.


2 Landscaping for the win

You don’t need to have a lavish lawn or upscale landscaping to add value to your home. According to the estate agents in Orpington, even a few shrubs and trees will do the trick. Try to choose plants and flowers local to your region, as they will grow easily and won’t cost too much. Try to buy plants that don’t require too much water and are low maintenance so that they add a pop of colour and greenery to your home while being cost-effective.

3 Upgrade the bathroom

If you can only spend money on upgrading one room, then upgrade the bathroom. You don’t need to do much; simple upgrades such as adding a new wallpaper or changing the lighting will do the job. Ensure there are no broken tiles or leaky faucets; be sure to repair or replace anything that is damaged.

4 It’s all about the lighting  

Try to allow natural light to enter your home as much as possible. You can also place mirrors in front of light sources to reflect light and make the space look bigger. If you do not have any natural light entering your home, increase the lighting by adding floor lamps and table lamps. Lighting makes the place look bright and bigger, which is always a big plus for potential buyers. 

5 Make the place energy efficient

Going green is the new way to add value to your home. You don’t need to do much; you can simply buy insulation rolls from any hardware store and install them yourself. This will reduce your heating bills which in turn will make your home more energy efficient. You can also add features such as solar panels and low energy appliances to make the place more eco-friendly. Even something as small as swapping regular bulbs for LED bulbs will go a long way. 

6 Working towards improving the kitchen

You don’t need to have a fancy modular kitchen with granite tops to add value to your home. Fix broken cabinets, put a fresh coat of paint on the walls and cabinets, make sure all the appliances are working correctly and clean your countertop till it is sparkling and shining. You could add some lighting fixtures to the kitchen or change the cabinet handles to spruce it up just a little bit more. 

7 What are your floors like?

The first thing that might put potential buyers off is the thought that they will have to place the whole flooring. If your flooring is acceptable, what about the carpets? Get rid of any old carpets that have rips or stains on them. Instead, buy some rugs. Rugs are readily available, very budget-friendly, and a new rug will suddenly make your home look brand new. You should consider adding a new rug to the living room and the master bedroom to make the place look slightly newer. 

8 Move some things around

You can give your home an upgrade just by moving some things around. Get rid of the old sofa in the living room, add some bar stools to the kitchen, get rid of all the personal memorabilia on the walls and put an eye-catching decor item in the master bedroom. In fact, you should look at designs online to get some staging inspiration – a house that is staged well will attract a lot more potential buyers. 

9 Clean like you’ve never cleaned before

As simple as it sounds, a clean home will always fetch the best selling price. Clean every nook and cranny; clean behind the stove, clean the bathroom walls, clean under the bed and behind the study table. Sometimes, a property just needs thorough cleaning to make it look brand new.

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