How Virtual Assistants Help When Amazon Web Services Go Down


On December 7th, 2021 Amazon Web Services servers went down for a record-breaking amount of time. They shut down the internet for everyone who was looking to read the news, do some shopping, or work with a virtual assistant early that morning.

Amazon Web Services host countless websites as well as providing cloud computing services for businesses all over the world. Let’s take a look at what happens when Amazon Web Services goes down and how a virtual assistant can help you overcome this outage.

What Happened at Amazon’s Servers?

Amazon Web Services is based on a few physical server farms here in the United States. One of these locations is known as US-East-1. These were the survivors that went down that caused major disruption to the internet.

While Amazon hasn’t said for certain what happened with their servers, they have claimed that they rectify the issue that was causing this disruption. Internet infrastructure isn’t always reliable, but a virtual assistant can help you manage these rocky waters.

How a Virtual Assistant Can Help

Virtual assistants can be a great help when Amazon’s web servers go down. These are experienced online experts and they can help you, and your business efforts, navigate the challenging circumstances of losing connection to Amazon services.

Virtual assistants can have your back at almost every angle of your online career. Whether you’re looking for someone to help improve your connections on LinkedIn or you need a graphic design expert to help with a new product rollout, virtual assistants are here to help.

Best of all, many of the virtual assistant services don’t directly rely on Amazon Web Services. Even if your company is deeply woven into the structure of AWS, you’ll still be able to get work done with virtual assistants when Amazon goes down.

How Does AWS Impact Using a Virtual Assistant?

An Amazon Web Services blackout can have a serious impact on your work if you use a virtual assistant service on a daily basis. There are few things you can do to stay ahead.

You should have multiple levels of contact with your virtual assistants. This means reaching out to them and getting secondary contact information as well as scheduling work ahead of time. If your virtual assistant knows the next week or two worth of tasks, they can still keep things going even if the internet goes down for a day or two.

Jhanzaib Akhter
Jhanzaib Akhter
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