Discover The Best Flooring Options For Pet Lovers

If you have a pet then you already appreciate how difficult it can be to keep your house clean and fresh. Pets generally leave hair everywhere and are likely to walk into the house with muddy feet. They also have claws that can scratch the floor when they are trying to get a grip. This can make it difficult to maintain a high-quality floor.

That’s why there are two clearly preferred options for pet owners.

Solid Wood

Solid wood floors provide insulation for your home, they come in a variety of styles and colors, such as this stunning herringbone flooring. This enables you to create a home that reflects your personality while being a practical option for pets.

One reason why solid wood floors are a great choice is that they reduce the number of noise pets make moving around. Solid wood floors are thick enough to absorb the sounds.

Alongside this, solid wood floors give your pets a grip, allowing them to move effortlessly around the house. This is one of the biggest issues when you opt for tiled floors. 

Solid wood floors are also very easy to keep clean and, perhaps most importantly, can be resurfaced. If the claws have damaged the floor or you have water spills and stains, the floor can be sanded and refinished. This will leave it looking like new without the cost of replacing the floor. 


Another popular option is tiling. The obvious advantage of a tiled floor is that it is exceptionally easy to clean and its strength prevents pets from leaving claw marks. This means it should last for years with little more than a regular sweep and a mop.

Of course, the grout can be damaged which is why you should invest in a stain-resistant grout to help it look good for a longer period.

Tiled floors are practical but your pets will struggle to get a grip, meaning they can slide across the floor easily. Alongside this, it’s worth noting that they are cold underfoot. This is probably more of an issue to you than your pets. 


Carpets offer warmth to you and your pets, they are also quiet, muffling the sound of the pets moving around. That makes them an attractive choice. 

However, they are also very good at trapping the hair, attracting dirt, and creating a resting place for fleas and other pests. If you opt for carpet it needs to have a moisture-proof backing to prevent damage to the subfloor. It is also worth noting that many cats will pad the carpet, potentially damaging it.

Naturally, carpets need to be regularly washed if you have pets and want them to stay looking good. They are not the most practical option but they are warm.

Alternatives To Solid Wood

It should be noted that cheaper versions of solid wood floors include engineered flooring and laminate. Engineered flooring uses high-quality plywood and a top coat of solid wood. This makes it almost as good as solid wood but cheaper. 

In contrast, laminate uses wood composite with a laminate top layer to enable it to look like a wooden floor It is generally better at handling the moisture from pets but won’t last as long as solid wood.