Swimming Has Multiple Benefits in Terms of Mental Health

This article was written by one of our Sanchez Pools specialists.

When it comes to spending time in the swimming pool, the physical benefits have been widely known for some time. Water-based exercise is incredibly effective in building muscle mass and stamina, as well as multiple other benefits to the physique. This can definitely help you get fit this summer in your backyard swimming pool.

But what’s less well known are the benefits that can be realized to a person’s mental health by spending an hour or two each day in a swimming pool. But just as immersing yourself in the cool waters of your backyard swimming pool can get you in shape physically, so too can it keep you in good mental health.

Swimming is proven to decrease anxiety and to improve mood, while also helping people who are suffering from depression for one reason or another. Spending a little time swimming laps certainly builds those arm and leg muscles, but it can be argued that fighting depression is an even more important benefit that comes from swimming. We recommend to use aqua therapy for rehabilitation in your own backyard since that will bring several physical and psychological benefits. 

Other individuals who are helped by the mental health-based benefits linked to swimming include pregnant women, senior citizens and children with developmental disabilities.

But swimming really has benefits to just about anyone, both in the physical and in the mental sense. It’s not like you need to be struggling in life to benefit from the therapeutic effects of exercising in the swimming pool.

Now, imagine how great the benefits to water-based exercising would be if you had a swimming pool in your very own backyard. No need to go to the gym or to a community pool, you can exercise anytime you want simply by throwing on your swimsuit and heading out into the backyard.

Adding an in-ground swimming pool to your property can not only provide countless hours of fun and exercise for you and your family over the years, but it can also add value to your home and property.

But monetary benefits are really a bonus when it comes to something tangible like a backyard swimming pool. The real value is in the amount of quality time you can spend with those closest to you, while also getting and staying in shape in a way that’s both easy on the joints and can help to improve or maintain your mood.

Most people generally report that exercising in water is easier and more enjoyable than exercising on land and that they’re able to maintain that exercise for a longer period of time without increased joint or muscle pain. This is according to data from the United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention, or CDC.

So designing and building your very own swimming pool can have a number of benefits, both in terms of mental health and physical health.

If a backyard swimming pool has ever interested you, get the ball rolling today by doing a little research on-line and finding a reliable pool builder in your area who can answer any and all questions you have about in-ground swimming pools.

Gather the facts and then see if building a pool in your backyard makes sense from a logistical, as well as a financial, point of view. If so, get started today and turn your backyard into the sort of on-site paradise you’ve always dreamed of.