Design Solutions for the patio

The patio is a kind of continuation of the house, another room, only outdoors. We will consider the design options of one of the beautiful places of each house.

It should be understood that the patio on your plot is a special area that stands out both visually and authentically. Everything should be arranged here so that it is comfortable for family members and guests. You can create a cozy place to relax even on a small plot.

A beautiful patio is a great alternative to a living room. In the warm season, it is much more pleasant to receive guests in the fresh air, the main thing is to choose the point around which the patio will be created. It can be an old spruce or oak, an ensemble of perennial flowers; a swimming pool or a pond for lilies; the backside of the house.

Having a recreation area right behind the house, it is worth taking a closer look at the design of the site. There is no way to do with fantasy here: for the courtyard to become part of the house, its zone should be created from the same materials that were used to build the building.

Patio design: from classic to modern and fusion

Most often, the patio is decorated in the following stylistic directions:

Spanish style

It is characterized by a patio of at least 9 m2 in area, as well as decoration with natural materials. The peculiarity lies in the lining up of the walls with the help of green hedges and flowers. Fabrics, wood, marble are used as the decor of the site. The Spanish-style patio is characterized by plenty of green plants and flowers.

Italian style

Its main difference lies in the adjoining patio to the house and its location on an artificially created site. The ideal design option is furniture of classical styles and strict restraint forms, a tea table, in a word, a minimum of liberties. In the Italian style, natural materials are welcome both in the furniture and in the covering of the site.


This direction is a symbiosis of eco, ethnic, and many modern styles – minimalism, functionality, and even loft. To create a patio in this style means to create a playground, furnish it with a minimum of furniture and enjoy. Such a design of the courtyard is ideal for small suburban areas.

Before you start building a patio, you should pay attention to comfort and coziness. Several rules will help to equip the courtyard with all the advantages:

1. Location of the patio away from drafts. Agree, it’s not very pleasant to rest in the wind.

2. Selection of the illuminated area and the one with the most sun. It will be possible to create a blackout artificially (with the help of mobile draperies or flowers on the arch), but it is problematic to “add” the sun. Isolation, distance from the fence and the neighbor’s house to be able to relax freely.

3. The patio must be at least 4.5 m2 of the occupied area. The ideal option is 3.5 m2 per vacationer, the average number of guests is 6-8 people. Using these simple tips, you can design a “house without a roof” for the season. And enjoy the creations of your own hands.

4. The design of the patio is chosen by the possibilities of the territory and the preferences of all family members in most cases, the recreation area is surrounded by shrubs, trees, flower beds, or hedges.

So, whatever style is chosen for the patio, there must be a plan for its creation. And it is worth starting with the site, which will become, in fact, the territory of the courtyard. The following materials are used as a material for forming a flat patio area:

– Concrete slabs, the bright advantage of which is cheapness.

– Polished concrete slabs on the Japanese-style patio.

– Paving slabs. Different shapes and colors will allow you to recreate the most unthinkable ornament, which will become part of the overall design.

– Paving slabs on the patio with a dining table.

– A tree. Although this material is environmentally/biologically safe, it is exposed to ultraviolet radiation and precipitation.

– Wooden platform on the patio.

– Marble or other natural stone. The obvious advantages include reliability, durability, and resistance to various influences.

Patio garden furniture

Patio furniture is a harmonious tandem of coziness, comfort, convenience, and mobility. Monumental sofas with a layout or similar options are rarely used in this area. The ideal solution is to choose light furniture that is easy to hide indoors from the rain or one that is not afraid of the rain and bad weather. Pillows are an addition to any upholstered furniture. For outdoor furniture, waterproof designer pillows created specifically for the patio are ideal. If, while putting things in order on the patio, you are constantly looking for where the children threw the pillow, choose red throw pillows. And then the search will become much easier. Look for more ideas with soft accessories on AllAboutVibe.

The material of patio furniture can be as follows:

– An array of trees. This option is expensive and cumbersome, although majestic.

– Plastic. Budget models of tables, chairs, armchairs are presented in a large assortment. However, it is worth remembering the fragility of such pieces of furniture and the rapid change of color.

– Vines, natural, artificial rattan. Such a set will be light, practical, and will last for many years. In addition, it will fit perfectly into any interior.

– Handmade. This can be done using old furniture and decoupage techniques.

Decorate the patio with love, and then time with family and meetings with friends will be unforgettable.